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Chalean Extreme and P90X Success Story!

It’s not too often that I get Chalene Extreme success stories, mostly because the majority of the people that I coach are men, but there are a few that come in every once in a while, and the one I’m about to share is a great one! First of all, understand that Chalene Extreme is NOT just a program for women (as proven below), and it is a great program that involves both resistance and cardio training, similar to that of P90X. Melinda (my fiancé) is currently going through Chalene Extreme and absolutely LOVES IT! In fact, she has mentioned to me a few times how it’s her favorite program out of them all. I think she enjoys the resistance training, and isn’t intimidated because it’s being taught by Chalene Johnson. I’ve never personally done Chalene Extreme, but I have stopped and watched Melinda work out a few times to it and it’s definitely legit! Anyways, here’s Steven’s Chalene Extreme and P90X success story.

“I started out weighing 253 lbs , I decided to start ChaLean Extreme and lost a total of 68 lbs. From Then on I decided to continue my journey and started P90x plus Insanity ,and lost  a total of 15 Ibs and ended weighing 170 lbs . It was the best thing I could have ever done for my health. When I started I was having breathing
problems at night and would gasp for air in my sleep plus my snoring was horrible. After loosing all the weigh I slept so much better and had so much more energy. Before I had absolutely no energy I was missing out on playing with my son and so much in life. Now I am active  and

 am always doing something , and nights I  sleep so much better and I feel rested.Having lost a total a 83 Ibs life is  great and I encourage anybody to never give up and follow the diet plan to the programs that is the most important thing you can do. The diet is 80% of your success the other part is just getting up and diong the program every day no matter what! I know it can be hard at times
and frustrating but I guarantee when you look at your before and after pics you will for sure be stoked. Take alot of pics and track yourself and they will come in handy when youget frustrated.”
– Steven Casper

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  1. Steven– big congrats on your changes, brother! There’s no doubt Chalene Extreme is the real deal as well… props for showing it’s not just for the ladies.

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