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Challenge Group Testimonial

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been running P90X Challenge Groups for the past month or so, and really, I’m absolutely THRILLED with the results that the people in the groups are getting! They are staying more motivated and committed than ever, and the reason is because they have me and 4 others holding them accountable and supporting them every single day. Below is a testimonial from one of the people in a Challenge Group, Dan.

P90X Challenge Group Review

“In summary, we started our Challenge group on November 7, 2011. I am a person who is extremely disciplined with exercise. I needed help with staying focused on nutrition. Additionally I have always eaten very healthy evidence by my medical lab works, always in good ranges for cholesterol, organ functions, etc. I feel blessed to say that at nearly 50 years old. Most people my age are on lots of prescription drugs to keep them going without health risks.

I will be honest and share I have had some cheat days eating but in 5 weeks we are talking maybe 5 meals. Prior to group on average this number would be 15 meals, of course mixed in with my healthy choices. For me this is good progress!

Since November 7th today I weight 1.8 lbs more but have lost 1 inch in my waist/ab area. I feel like i can see ab muscle today vs my previous 2 plus years on p90x and multiple hybrid workouts.

Having to post a pic has been huge at forcing me to stop eating fat/bad foods that contribute to retaining body fat. I think you need to strongly encourage all members to do it otherwise its too easy to cheat, which thats what us natural fat people do. lol

I appreciate the support and talking to all the guys. I enjoy sharing my knowledge, and getting feedback.

You too sir have helped me push myself, perform at a higher level and believe that regardless of my injured arm I could still grow in my workouts.

Thanks Josh!”

– Dan

If you’re interested in taking part in one of my Challenge Groups, just click on the link to learn about all the details!


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