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Dad’s Updated P90X Results

Unreal. A year ago my dad decided that he was going to do P90X, and no, it wasn’t easy to get him to start! We’re talking about a guy who literally would not eat one piece of healthy food throughout the day, and his diet consisted of french toast, fried chicken fingers, M&M’s, cookies, and yes, heaping servings of ice cream, topped with an entire bottle of chocolate hard shell! Whenever we used to go to Cracker Barrel for dinner, he would get white bread french toast, and do you guys know those little syrup bottles that they used to bring out to you? Yeah, he would ask for about 5 of them, drown his french toast in a pool full of maple syrup, scoop up the remaining puddles with a spoon, and then drink the rest of the bottles if he had any left over. And no, I’m not kidding either, he would pop off that cap and down the syrup like he was taking a shot of Jack!

What’s funny is that I had already gone through P90X, gotten crazy results, and absolutely knew that it would help him get into shape and become healthy again, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not get through to him. It felt like I was talking to a wall! My mom was the same way, though, and wouldn’t get on board with me at first, but now look at her. She’s one hot 50 year old momma! Back to what I was saying. I could not get dad to commit to a healthy lifestyle, and was actually beginning to get very worried about him. He would literally crash hardcore from all the sugar he was eating, and I really have a feeling that he was borderline diabetic. His weight was getting out of control, he was beginning to have health problems, and I knew that if I didn’t get him on board with P90X and Shakeology, it was just a matter of time before he became a full blown diabetic and possibly have a heart attack. Of course I didn’t want that to happen to him, so I kept bugging him and bugging him to change his ways, telling him about all the people I was helping and how great these people are feeling now that they are healthy. I don’t know what it was, maybe me constantly acting like a gnat flying around his face, with this little buzz in his ear, but something clicked for him and he was ready to commit. Thank God. He committed himself entirely to P90X and used Shakeology as a meal replacement every single day, and what happened then was amazing.

During his first round of P90X, his results were absolutely fantastic! He lost somewhere around 35 lbs and looked and felt much healthier! However, his diet still wasn’t where it needed to be, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get him to commit fully and listen to my advice. Again, after months and months of explaining that if he wanted to get truly ripped, he needed to change his diet, but he chose not to listen to me. He kept saying “I can’t be in as good as shape as you because of my age,” and quite frankly, I was tired of hearing that because I knew it wasn’t true. Check out Tony Horton, for example. You can get ripped at 50 if you want to! Finally, something clicked once again about 2 months ago, and he decided to commit himself to the diet I gave him, and his P90X results were absolutely insane! He just created a new updated P90X results video, and here it is below..

I have to let you guys know that I’m EXTREMELY proud of both my parents for listening to me and living a healthy lifestyle. Because of their commitment, they are now going to be able to live a more active lifestyle later on in their lives, and that makes me feel awesome. They are now both Beachbody Coaches (of course!) and helping others through different Beachbody programs. They have the results and know what it takes to get ripped at 50! So for those of you who use age as an excuse, throw that one out the window because it doesn’t work anymore. If you would like to make my dad your Beachbody Coach, click here, and if you would like to make my mom your coach, click here! They will make sure that you reach all of your fitness goals!

If you are ready to start P90X and want to order it, click below!



  1. Ri. Diculous. You have every reason to be proud. That’s amazing, inspiring and a lesson waiting for everyone out there whther 50+ or 16.

  2. Your dad is a monster. Plain and Simple! It’s an inspiration even for someone my age. You can’t have someone 30 years older than you bringing it harder than you are! Got to step my game up! Great work!

  3. Extremely cool that you have your parents involved in keeping healthy. I lost my father at the age of 54 to a heart attack brought on by smoking and no exercise. I would have loved the chance to help him change his life like your dad did.

  4. Josh /

    @Jim. Very sorry to hear about your dad passing at such an early age.

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