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Dan’s P90X Results

Name: Dan V.

Program: P90X


Dan’s P90X Results

“I actually began lifting in college to fill out my clothes a little better, look good playing tournament volleyball, and kicking it poolside. I admit- it was total vanity back then and I made pretty good progress until I got married. After I tied the knot, I quickly hopped on the plump bus to Fatburg, thinking since I’d nabbed a fun-loving hottie, I could just coast on late night cookie binges, pints of Ben & Jerry’s and Pizza whenever I felt like it.

A few years later, it came to this: I’d gained 35 all-fat pounds and couldn’t even walk a flight of stairs without gasping for breath at the top. Pictures were an embarrassment as I could see the soft, bloopy way I’d let myself go. I began to pack so much weight in my face (being a taller fat guy has it’s advantages in being able to “hide” weight everywhere else) people began asking if I’d recently had my wisdom teeth pulled. Even my wife (lovingly?) had nicknamed me “Sweet T*ts”– accompanied with a mandatory “jigga-jigga” bouncing of my man-maries every time she said it.

Obviously, I had some fat to torch and some self-esteem to reignite.

What I wanted was a PROGRAM– something to give me structure and remove all “guess-work”. I found myself devouring the P90X commercials in their entirety every time I saw one on TV. I loved to see others successes and couldn’t get enough. In 2009, I received P90X as a gift and was absolutely stoked to find that not only did it have a nutrition guide, the guide laid everything out in detail– from shopping lists to what to eat for every meal and snack of the day. With that, I put my trust in the program and went to work, religiously following the nutrition plan and workouts, pressing play every day and tracking everything I ate. I knew there were huge rewards waiting at the end if I could make the sacrifice of giving up all my fatty, sugary eating habits. With that sacrifice and dedication, I melted 25 pounds (from 205 to 180), over 60% of my body fat, healed and strengthened a painful, nagging shoulder injury and was introduced to abs I never knew I could have.

The key was a focus on the end goal and every ounce of dedication to get there. I incorporated Rest and Recovery Formula, Whey Protein, Pre-workout Supplements and the MUST-HAVE Shakeology (which I attribute as a KEY to visibly refining my results). I’ve since completed Insanity and Insanity’s sequel “Asylum”, all while continuing to incorporate P90X.

I’m not sharing any of this to to say “Look what I did… I’m sharing this to say “Look what YOU can do” with dedication to P90X or any one of Beachbody’s amazing programs. Either way, keep on track, keep focused and “keep pressing play” as you BRING IT. Ridiculous success is waiting on the other side of 90 days.”

– Dan


  1. Well done.

    May I ask if the before and afters are purely from the 1st round of p90x, or including Insanity and Asylum?

  2. Thanks, Josh!

  3. Dan V. is an inspiring guy. Lots of dedication and effort associated with these kinds of results.

  4. lookin awesome Dan!

  5. Thanks, guys! Mykel– this was after roughly 3 consecutive rounds incorporating a pure P90X, Insanity hybrid, Asylum hybrid and 1 on 1s started September of 2010 after a 7 month bandwagon fall-off from a 2 round fall-off in late 2009 after getting sick. The “Now” was taken after a “mass-focused” phase just a few weeks ago.

    The long story is here:

  6. is the pic you posted your 90 day results

  7. @Trev. I’m pretty sure these are his 90 day results.

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