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Day 2: Plyometrics

I had completely forgotten how tough Plyometrics could be. Before the injury, Plyos was too easy for me and I had to substitute it with workouts like Kenpo Cardio Plus, Interval X Plus, or Cardio Intervals, but when you don’t do any cardio for 2 months, Plyos all of the sudden becomes very hard! I got to wear my Heart Rate Monitor for the first time for a cardio workout, and stayed consistently around the 175-180 range, which is pretty high, but shows I pushed myself.

Starting out wasn’t too bad. I did very well with the first 2 rounds of exercises, but then became very tired at around the half-way mark. As tired as Melinda and I were, we still pushed ourselves and completed the entire workout. The two exercises that were toughest for us both were the “Rock Star Hops” and “Jump Knee Tucks.” Melinda thinks that the “Hot Foots” are right up there with the others though, and I might have to agree. Today we are both very, very sore in our quads, hips, and calves.

Sorry for the short post, but it’s time to workout! Shoulders & Arms here I come!


  1. Spencer /

    Dang man did you just sit around for 2 months? Haha jk I can’t say anything cuz plyo’s still hard for me and I’m in phase 3 haha good work tho you’ll get back to where you were fast. Can I ask how to messed up your hand?

  2. Hey Man,

    My Girlfriend and I are doing the same exact thing you two are, except we are a day behind and will be doing Plyometrics today, the 7th. This is both of ours, my girfriend and I, first time with P90x, and we are both feeling the chest and back after effects this morning! Just wondering if you had some tips for us, I think the diet will be our biggest challenge. Years of poor diets maked us form some unhealthy habits.

  3. Haha I couldn’t do anything but sit around, and believe me, it was very tough to do so! I broke my hand while messing around trying to punch through a thin piece of rotted sheet wood, and didn’t realize there was a 2×4 nailed on the other side.

  4. You have to understand that the diet is the most important part of the program and will get you great results, but the toughest to commit to. I really can’t stress the importance of a healthy diet when doing the workouts!

  5. jstnthrguy /

    That’ll teach u to beat up on poor defenseless piece of sheet wood!!! LOLOLOL It’s awesome to see u back in the saddle, working out Josh 🙂 I’ma gonna be there just as soon as my shoulder heals, but keep BRINGIN IT, along with ur fiance’. U guys Rock 🙂

  6. Hey Josh, do you think it is bad to do CARDIO on an empty stomach right when i get up? Im looking to shed fat and ive upped my meal intake to 8 a day. Am I on the right track here?

  7. There is nothing wrong with working out on an empty stomach in the morning.

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