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Derick’s P90X Results

Name: Derick K.

Program: P90X


Derek’s P90X Results

Derek’s P90X Success Story

“I have worked out on and off ever since leaving high school. My longest length of time working out was about 8 months back in college at a local gym. Although I did get moderate results, nothing that made me want to keep going. After college I stopped working out and at one point got up to about 205 lbs, my heaviest ever. I started to eat better but did not really start working out and got down to about 191. My 27 birthday rolled around and I decided to make a change.

In February 2010 I purchase Power 90 after thinking that I would not be able to really get the full benefit from P90X since I was pretty out of shape. I do not regret that decision. Although I did not really follow the diet guidelines, I did eat fairly healthy. I also did not work out 6 days a week most weeks. I followed Power 90 level 1-2, then went to 3-4, and finally 5-6. As you can see from my photo’s, it WORKED!! I went from about 191 to 184, lost about 2 inches around the waist and really became overall stronger.

I then started P90X June 15th, 2010 and completed the 90 days with excellent results but I wanted more. So I continued my fitness journey with P90X+, Insanity, another round of P90X, and currently a P90X, P90X+, Insanity, One on One hybrid and currently am staying pretty constant at 175 lbs for my 6′ frame. I have also incorporated Shakeology this past month which I LOVE! My hybrid routine will get over just about time for P90X2 to arrive and I cannot wait!! Keep pushing play!”

– Derick



  1. Like you Derek, I didn’t follow the diet guidelines in P90X the first time I did the program. After I finally got it through my head that diet was the key, I followed the diet and it made a world of difference in my overall fat loss.

    You’ve got some great results and you’re gonna love what Shakeology brings to your workout.

  2. Thanks Jim! I do feel shakeology will get those last few pounds of body fat to fall off! Keep it up!


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