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Do I Have to do Yoga X?

If someone would ask me to put together the top 10 P90X questions that I get asked, “Do I have to do Yoga?” is definitely one of them! The funny thing about it is that it’s never asked my women, but rather men. For some reason men dread this workout, and would rather do any other workout other than Yoga X! So, quickly, here is a list of reasons why we hate Yoga:

(1) Too long.
(2) Way too boring.
(3) Pretty embarrassing.

That about sums up that amazing workout. So I just want to tell all you guys asking “Do I have to do Yoga,” that it’s OK, you don’t have to do the workout because there are no benefits whatsoever. Just kidding! As much as we have to do this workout, there are a ton of benefits!

First, though, I have to share a quick story. When I first started P90X, I worked out with my best friend Jeremy. We were there to push one another and make sure we both stayed committed to both the diet and workouts, including Yoga X. Now, you have to picture this: two college sports players, one football and the other baseball, doing the downward dog position right next to one another. Yeah, it would have been hilarious to see (which nobody did of course), but as much as we hated it, we made sure we got through the entire thing. So what are the benefits?

(1) Increased flexibility. When I first started the program, I have to admit that my flexibility sucked. Yeah, it was that bad. I couldn’t even touch my toes while keeping my legs straight. After my first round, however, my flexibility had increased substantially!

(2) Increased core strength. When you’re holding some of those positions, you really have to engage your entire core. Core strength is especially important if you play sports!

(3) Better balance.

(4) Better posture. Yoga helps you stand and sit “taller.”

(5) Muscle tone. From supporting your own weight in many of the moves, your strength increases, therefore your muscle tone will also increase.

If you are one of those people who are wondering if you should do Yoga or what the benefits of Yoga are, then now you know! Use Yoga as a time to relax and clear the mind, letting go of all worries.


  1. hi i did the yoga x this morning and i can barely do most(more than half) of the poses in it …can i replace it with the yoga in ten minute trainer?

  2. @Nick. I know it’s tough brother, but the only way to get better at them is DOING them! Keep modifying until you’re able to do the regular version.

  3. I really reccomend you do it, I also at first was unable to do the whole thing and my posture wasn’t as proper as the trainers on the the dvd. by the end of the program i was able to finish it all but still have some weaknesse so thats why i’m still doing it 🙂 It definately helps you TONE and not only that, you will sleep & breathe alot better, look better, i got rid of a lot of stress in my life, not only physically stronger but mentally too & i can go on and on. So i strongly suggest you don’t neglect Yoga.

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