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Exercise Programs for Women

exercise programs for womenIf you’re looking for exercise programs for women, you have come to the right place! This post is dedicated towards finding that perfect fitness program for women that will help you reach your goals, whether it’s to lose weight or get toned. Below is a list of those fitness programs for women and what they are all about.

(1) P90X. Most women fear doing P90X because they are afraid that they will get too muscular. Well guess what, that’s not the case! P90X is an excellent program that contains a healthy balance of cardio and resistance workouts, which is important for fat loss and muscle toning. My fiance, P90X Coach Melinda, has gone through P90X many times and has lost about 35lbs! She followed the Classic version, which involves some weight training, and didn’t get bulky, but got very toned. Women shouldn’t fear getting bulky because they don’t have the testosterone levels that guys do, limiting their muscle development. If you want to learn more about Melinda’s journey or have her as a coach, visit her site Is P90X for women? YES! Check out my full P90X review!

(2) Insanity. Women tend to love this workout because it is mostly cardio based. However, it’s SUPER tough! This is a program that involves some very high intensity cardio workouts, and you’re really going to have to push yourself in order to get through it. If you can really dedicate yourself to this workout, you should be able to reach your fat loss goals in 60 days! Insanity is a great program for both men and women! Check out my Insanity Review!

(3) Turbo Jam. My sister is actually going through this program right now and loves it! She says it involves a lot of punching and kicking, but is fun because Chalene Johnson does the workouts in sort of a dancing routine. The program starts you out slow, and then increases the intensity as you progress to a higher fitness level. Turbo Jam is a great fitness program for women! Learn more about Turbo Jam!

(4) Turbo Fire. This is an AWESOME exercise program for women! I got to experience what the program is going to be like, and let me tell you that it is going to be TOUGH! We only got to try out 10 minutes of the program, but that was enough to get me sweating and out of breath. For you women looking for a fitness program to take your fitness to the next level, watch out because here comes Turbo Fire! Check out my Turbo Fire Review!

(5) Slim in 6. This is a great workout program for women that has been around for quite some time, but yet still very popular! It’s a 6 week program that combines cardio and light resistance exercises to help you burn the fat and get toned!

If you’re looking for a coach to help you through any of these programs, contact my fiance, Coach Melinda, at and visit her site, where you can also purchase any of the programs above! If you want me as a coach, then you can purchase any of the programs from this site as well.

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