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Exercises for the Legs

Something that was brought to my attention about P90X before and after pictures is that most of them don’t show the lower body! After going back through not only my own photos, but through other YouTube and customer P90X transformation pictures, I really didn’t see too many that showed off the legs. Because of that, one of the common questions that I get is “Does P90X develop the legs?” The answer is yes! My legs are more developed now than they have ever been, thanks to P90X! I literally have veins showing all over my legs, especially in my calves! So what are some P90X exercises for the legs?

The workout that builds the legs (and what most people dread) is the infamous P90X Legs & Back. For some reason, I sweat more during this workout than any other workout in the entire program! If your legs don’t feel like Jello after this one, then you definitely didn’t do something right. The first exercise, which I also feel is one of the hardest, is balance lunges. This involves putting one leg up on a chair, and doing a lunge with the other, all while holding weights in your hands. If you’re crazy, you will hold 45lbs dumbbells in each hand, and still do the maximum number of reps. This is an EXCELLENT workout for your glutes.

Another exercise for the legs that is amazing is the calf raises. This involves putting your feet in 3 different posititons, and doing 15 slow raises and 10 fast ones for each position. Oh and did I mention you need weights? Yeah, try using 45lbs in each hand, which is what I use! However, I no longer do 25lbs. I now do 50 reps! Talk about feeling a burn! There are many times where I feel pain in the calves for a good 10 minutes after the exercise. If you want to develop your calves, this is the way to do it.

The last, and one of my favorite exercises for the legs is the single leg wall squats. I thought wall squats were tough in the first place, but when you have to lift one leg off the ground and hold it straight out for 15 seconds, it takes regular wall-squats to the next level! Make sure that you use proper form with this one because it’s very easy to cheat with these. You should be bent at a 90 degree angle!

Now you all know some great exercises for the legs and that P90X does build the legs. If you’re looking for a program that will develop the entire body, not just the legs, you need to try P90X! Click on the picture below to learn more about it!


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