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Gaining Mass with P90X: Part 4

It doesn’t matter how many times I talk about it, there are still many people out there who don’t believe they can go about gaining mass with P90X. After gaining 15 lbs myself over a 3-4 month span following my first round of P90X, I know that it is indeed possible. It just takes some tremendous dedication and some adjustments to both the workouts and the diet. Also, for the past 40 days, I have been helping a buddy of mine gain some mass, and by following my advice and committing himself 100%, he has gained about 7 lbs! He is one of those guys who has always been skinny with a super fast metabolism, and it didn’t matter how hard he tried, nothing could help him gain mass. That is until I started helping him (click here to make me your coach for free). So what do I have him doing?

(1) Cut back on the cardio. When your goal is to strictly gain mass, a lot cardio is your worst enemy. Why? If you’re looking to put on weight and mass, how are you going to do so if you’re doing intense cardio workouts and burning a ton of calories 3-4 times per week? It’s close to impossible. Your goal when gaining mass is to have a caloric surplus, not deficit. What I have him doing right now is about 1 cardio workout per week, and the others are all P90X resistance workouts.

(2) Get to the gym. If you don’t have your own weight room at home, get to the gym once a week. Every Sunday I get a group of guys together and head to the gym to do a heavy resistance training workout. When you’re trying to gain some mass, you need more than body weight resistance workouts. When we head to the gym, we focus on 8-10 reps for exercises such as barbell bench press, dumbbell bench press, dumbbell flys on a balance ball, skull crushers, shoulder press, leg press, etc. We only do this once a week, though, so that we can continue the muscle confusion, which is a crucial part in seeing continuous progress from week to week. The more you mix things up, the more results you will see.

(3) Eat, eat, and eat some more! Like I mentioned about, if you’re trying to go about gaining mass with p90x, you have to take in a ton of calories and have a caloric surplus every day. Right now I have Mike taking in about 4,000 calories per day, and sticking with a fat/carb/protein ratio of 20/60/20. He’s actually following something very similar to Phase 3, Level 3 in the P90X Nutrition Guide. Also, when trying to gain mass with p90x, carbs are your friend. Your body needs fuel all throughout the day so that it won’t burn muscle for energy, and complex carbs are the answer. Last, a common misconception that people have when trying to gain mass is that they can eat whatever they want. This is far from the truth, and it’s very important that you take in healthy foods such as fruits, veggies, complex carbs, and lean proteins. What I have Mike doing is logging what he eats every day into a site called My Fitness Pal, so that he knows he’s on track.

(4) Take in the proper supplements. Supplements play a major role in your results if you’re looking to gain mass with p90x. I have Mike taking the P90X Recovery Drink, creatine monohydrate, a weight gainer, and whey protein every single day. He’s also about to start using Shakeology as a snack to get in the proper vitamins and nutrients. He’s taking a whey protein shake 1-2 times per day: once in the morning and once directly following the workout with his weight gainer (ON Serious Mass). He is mixing his weight gainer with natural apple juice and his creatine as well. Some days he will switch out the whey protein post workout and take the P90X Recovery Drink, which is what I take after every workout.

It is very possible to go about gaining mass with P90X, just as long as you make the proper adjustments that I mentioned above. Remember, though, it takes some serious dedication to both the diet and workouts in order to gain mass. In fact, it’s much harder to gain mass than it is to lose weight.

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  1. I was gonna send you an email asking an opinion about ON Serious Mass.

    Do you have him take the whole 1250 calories in one day, or just half that? And do you recommend it directly after a workout, or would you take it whenever?

  2. @Disco. I have him taking half a serving post workout along with some other things, making it around 1,200 cals.

  3. andrew /

    Like I said before I am trying to get in shape for football. I want to get stronger and the tips above help with that but I also want to get faster and have more stamina. I really want to improve in those areas but how am I supposed to do what if it says cut back on the cardio. Please tell me!!! Should I do cardio x everyday? Remember my goal is to get stronger faster and way more stamina at the same time!!!

  4. andrew /

    And remember football season is only 1 month away.

  5. Josh /

    @Andrew. You’ve got to make up your mind on what goals you have. If you want to increase your athletic ability, then a combination of P90X and Insanity would do the trick. If you’re looking to gain mass, then you will have to cut back on the cardio and do mainly resistance training.

  6. Hey Josh. I have been doing p90x for quite sometime and dropped from 28% to around 14 % body fat and weigh 177 lbs. Im now planning on building muscle mass and aim for 205-210 lbs. I was wondering if you can make me a schedule that doesnt involve going to the gym that would help me reach that goal. I also have P90X plus. Thanks.

  7. @Ali. First of all, am I your coach? If not, you can make me your coach by going to this link:

    Also, I don’t create workout schedules for individuals. What you can do, though, is combine P90X and P90X together, but there are 2 things to remember: (1) don’t work the same muscle group within 48 hours, and (2) cut back on much of the cardio since you’re looking to gain mass.

  8. Art /

    Hi Josh,

    Im starting Phase 2 of my first round of P90X, I have 13% body fat, 186 lbs and Im 6´4. I´ve been working to have a sixpack, still have some fat in my lower abs but everywhere else Im skinny and want to start gaining mass.
    Is it possible to work both things and have good results?

  9. Josh /

    @Art. Unfortunately, it’s very tough to do both at the same time because they involve completely opposite diets. What you’re going to want to do is focus on fat loss and once you reach your goal, then start making the adjustments to gain mass.

    Also, am I your coach? If not, you can make me your coach by going to this link below. It’s free, and I’ll be here to help you through the program and answer any questions that you have.

  10. Art /

    Thanks man! Then I´ll continue loosing fat first.
    Should I stick to the phase II diet or continue with the high protein diet from the first month?

    I will definitely make you my coach man!

  11. Josh /

    @Art. That’s up to you! If you were low on energy and hit a plateau when on Phase 1, stick with Phase 2, but if not, you can go with Phase 1 until that happens.

  12. Paul Manning /

    Hey Josh,

    i am 1 week into my 2nd round of p90x and i am almost @ my goal BF which is 6% i want to maintain this BF + put on some muscle but not loads as i like the lean look, i am currently on 1900 cal fat shredder, what nutrition phase do u think would suit me?? i am 6ft 155lbs many thanks for your time


  13. @Paul. When you reach your goal, move to Phase 2 in the Nutrition Guide, and take in about 2,500 calories. Make the adjustments from there depending on how your body responds.

  14. Cheers Pal :):)
    I would like u to be my coach but it aint possible!!!! ill upload my photos to show u my results, thanks again for your time i really appreciate it

    Regards Paul

  15. Hey

    So I am looking to gain mass, But I also want abs, do you think I need cardio, If not what work out should I do on my cardio day. I know you mentioned in the article above, but do you mean replace cardio with resistance training ( for replace Plyo with legs and back?).

    Thank You.

  16. @Sam. If you’re still looking to lose some body fat then you’re going to want to stick with some cardio, maybe once per week.

  17. do you think this would be good routine for Phase 2

    Monday= Back and Biceps, Ab Ripper X
    Tuesday = Chest Shoulders Triceps
    Wednesday = Legs and Back, Cardio Abs
    Thursday = Shoulders and Arms
    Friday = Chest and Back, Ab Ripper X
    Saturday = MAX Plyo
    Sunday = Rest / Stretch


  18. @Sam. That looks pretty good.

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