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Get Ripped Workouts

get ripped workoutsBack before I started P90X, I was always looking for get ripped workouts. I was out of shape, hated the way I look and felt, and knew I needed a change. I remember searching all over the internet for tips on how to get ripped, but never came across anything that really stuck out. It was by chance on night that I came across the P90X infomercial, and after seeing these amazing P90X transformations, I decided to order the P90X workout program myself, and that was when I started working out with Beachbody programs. These were great because I could get ripped at home instead of going to the gym. Since I started P90X, I’ve been doing a number of different Beachbody workouts to get ripped. Here’s my top 5 get ripped workouts.

(1) P90X. After going through P90X for 90 days, I literally got into the best shape of my life. I lost 25 lbs, 10% body fat, and couldn’t have felt any better about what I accomplished. It’s crazy because I didn’t think it was possible to get ripped in 30 days, but that’s what happened, and the next 60 days were bonus! My 30 day P90X results were outstanding, and once you start seeing results and getting ripped, you’re addicted and can’t stop! Since then, I have been going through many different rounds of the P90X workout program, and I always seem to get additional results. Because of the muscle confusion, balance of cardio and resistance training, and an amazing get ripped diet, P90X ranks #1 on my workouts to get ripped. Check out my P90X Review!

(2) P90X Plus. After going through a round of P90X, I needed a workout program that would take me to the next level, and that was when I decided to purchase P90X Plus. P90X Plus is a fast paced workout program, and contains a little less resistance workouts than P90X, but still very effective. It let me continue with the muscle confusion and helped me see more results. When I finished my round of P90X Plus, I knew it was another one of the workouts to get ripped. Learn more about P90X Plus!

(3) Insanity. The Insanity workout is crazy. Period. I thought that P90X was hard, but after starting Insanity, I was forced to go even further beyond my comfort zone. It’s a 60 day cardio based program where you can burn up to 1,000 calories, but I have heard some people go well beyond that, which I didn’t think was possible. Insanity will definitely test your ability to push yourself, and if you look at the different Insanity results pictures, it makes complete sense why Insanity is one of the best get ripped workouts. If you’re contemplating between P90X VS Insanity, though, I would go with P90X. However, if you want to test yourself even more, try a P90X/Insanity Hybrid workout, which I have done a round of. The hybrid is one heck of a workout program to get ripped because you do extreme cardio combined with extreme resistance! Check out my Insanity Review!

(4) P90X One on One. The new P90X One on One series is awesome. After going through P90X, P90X Plus, and Insanity, my next challenge was the One on One workouts. The one thing that I really like about the One on One series by Tony Horton is the variation in the workouts. There are so many different workouts and exercises to get ripped, everything from Yoga Fountain of Youth to Core Ball Sandwich. The workouts are done at Tony’s home, and it makes you feel like you are right there working out with him. One of my favorite workouts and one of the best cardio workout routines that I have come across is Cardio Intervals. The P90X One on One series is a great addition for a P90X graduate or anyone who is looking to test themselves and get ripped. Check out P90X One on One!

(5) TurboFire. Turbofire is a great workout program to get ripped at home, but is more targeted towards women. However, this doesn’t mean that men can’t do it as well, and I will be the first to admit that I have. The TurboFire workout program is more of a dancing workout, but it’s interested because it doesn’t feel like it is. Don’t think that just because it’s a dancing workout that it’s easy. Quite opposite actually. Chalene Johnson really tests your ability to push yourself, and TurboFire comes close to the intensity of Insanity! Because TurboFire is an enjoyable workout routine and is a great cardio workout, that’s why it’s in my top 5 for get ripped workouts. Check out my TurboFire Review!

All of the workout programs above are workouts to do at home AND will help tremendously if you’re wondering how to get ripped! These are all AWESOME get ripped workouts that I highly recommend! If you’re interested in any of the programs above, you can check out my reviews above and even purchase them from those pages. Feel free to ask any questions!


  1. Disco /


    Have you ever done the On One Leg, 1 on 1? I got it for Christmas and you were the shout-out he gave on that tape. Caught me by surprise.

  2. @Disco. I’ve actually never done that workout yet.

  3. Kjetil /

    Hey josh , whats up 🙂 ?
    so in one weak i will be finished with my first round of p90x 🙂
    but i have not reached my goal yet, so im hungry fore more:)
    but i do not know what i should go to next, because im also a breakdancer and i want to take more time to practise mye moves, and having wheight training the same day is maybe to much.
    fore my next workout though, im locking to get rid of more bodyfat. but i alo want to build muscl to lock god and strong withoug that bodyfat.
    so you have any suggestions to how i could make that happend, but still take alot time to mye breaking?
    thanks bro:)

  4. Kjetil. There are a lot of great Beachbody programs out there like Insanity and P90X One on One that will allow you to take your fitness to the next level.

  5. Kjetil /

    Yeah i know,but am i god enough to take the p90x On on One or Insanity – when i cant do the same amount of reps that they do in the p90x classic videos. exampl im really struggling with my pull ups ( 5-8 pull upps then i have to take a chair) and im on like 15- 20 push ups.
    so is like the One on Ones to much fore me now?
    But im also really thinking of your p90x\Insanity Hybrid workout. adn what workout programs do you have in that Hybrid?

  6. @Kjetil. Stick with P90X until you can do all the reps and keep up with Tony and the crew.

  7. Hey coach, when doing Yoga do you recommend doing the entire video? It’s a really slow and boring video.. and I usually do the entire thing, but depending on the day I sometimes only do from the beginning to crane, will this suffice? Or do you recommend the entire workout?

  8. @Josh. Yeah, I do actually. However, like you, there are some days that I stop at crane because of the length of the workout. Just try to push through it!

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