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My P90X Workout Adjustments to Gain Mass

As most of you know, for the past few months I have been really trying to gain mass while keeping the same body fat %, which is very tough to do. In the previous post, I talked about important adjustments I made to my diet to reach my goals, and now I am going to talk about the adjustments I’ve made to my workouts as well.

(1) Pushing Till Failure! There hasn’t been one workout for the past few months that I haven’t been sore the next day, and that’s because I push myself until failure EVERY time! Whenever I feel that I can only get one more rep, I push myself and get 3-4 more. I make sure that it isn’t possible to get that last rep! Like Tony says, many people quit before they should, and that’s all because there is a mental block that says “I can’t,” and you just have to turn that into “I can!”

(2) Switching Up Grips! Lately, I wanted to make some adjustments to my push-ups, so I decided to use the P90X Pull-Up Bar. I place it on the ground and use all the different grips for pull-ups for my push-ups! It gives me a greater range of motion and a little variation in my workouts.

(3) Heavier Weights! Instead of doing reps of 10-12, I have shifted to 6-8. This helps with building mass!

(4) High Intensity Cardios! I used to run along with P90X, but haven’t done that in about 8 months. Running is a low-intensity cardio (unless you are doing intervals), which means that the body targets carbs, fat, and muscle for energy. With high intensity cardios, like Interval X Plus, Kenpo Cardio Plus, and Plyometrics, the body targets mainly carbs and fat for energy. If you are looking to build mass, high intensity is the way to go!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at!

Coach Josh


  1. JESSE .I. /

    thanks josh….

  2. I want to gain mass but my body fat is at 20%. I want to get down to 12% or less. I was hoping to build mass in the process but this seems very hard. So I was just going to go for just shredding fat (doing running and p90) at the loss of some muscle until I get to 12%, then begin building mass. Is this the normal way to do it?

    Im also 5′ 7″. How low did your weight get to be around 12% body fat? Im currently at 164 lbs @ 20% body fat.


  3. You have it right. It’s very tough to lose fat and build mass at the same time, and I recommend focusing on losing the fat first. I reached the 12% body fat mark at around 160 lbs.

  4. Hey Josh,

    I wasn’t sure where to put this post, but I just have a quick question about building up the trapezius muscles (traps) I guess is what their called. I see you gained them relatively fast and I was wondering, do you do extra workouts on top of P90X to gain them? I just had another quick question, how do I make you my coach? and how is you being my ‘actual coach’ different from just me asking you simple questions?


  5. I actually don’t do any extra workouts for the traps because P90X focuses a lot on them. Also, I’m getting too busy to thoroughly answer questions from people that I don’t officially coach. There is a free membership and a Club Membership, which I highly recommend. With the Club Membership, you get access to trainer tips, recipes, and custom meal plans, which helps tremendously when you first start the program. I’m a Club Member and it’s definitely worth it. Click here to learn more about the Club Membership: This will also make me your coach.

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