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Is P90X Good For Sports?

Most of you who already know me know that I played baseball back in high school and college, and unfortunately, P90X wasn’t available at the time. It wasn’t until the end of my college baseball career that I discovered P90X and got into the best shape of my life. If you’re an athlete, you know that core strength, leg strength, agility, balance, flexibility, quickness, and speed are all very important for any sport. If you want to excel in your sport, it’s important that you increase each of these qualities, or you won’t be able to stand out against the rest. Now, after going through P90X for 2 years, I am probably the most athletic I have ever been, and I don’t even play a sport anymore. I can run faster, jump higher, am much more flexible, and am stronger than I was when I played college baseball, and know how much better I would have been if I would have known about the program back then. So is P90X good for sports? A profound YES! Why? Let’s break down some of the workouts and how they increase your athletic ability.

Plyometrics. When I first started college baseball, part of our conditioning consisted of plyometrics or jump training. Back then I hated it, and literally dreaded every time we had to do this workout. My legs would be on fire and I couldn’t catch my breath all the time, so it made for an undesireable workout. It wasn’t until P90X that I realized the true importance of Plyometrics. After going through my first round of P90X, I noticed that my agility, speed, quickness, and vertical leap all increased, and that had to do with Plyometrics. Plyometrics, or Plyos for short, is about a 50 minute long workout, in which you jump pretty much the entire time. Because of all the jumping around, you increase leg strength as well as cardiovascular endurance, which are both very important when playing sports. I remember finishing up the first round of P90X and going to the gym to run for the first time since I started. I couldn’t believe that I was able to run 5 miles without getting tired once. If you’re a college coach looking to get your players into shape, you might want to consider P90X just for Plyos alone. However, Plyos isn’t the only workout that will help your players.

Yoga. As much as every guy hates Yoga, this workout is crucial, especially if you play a sport. Yoga increases balance, flexibility, and core strength, all essential to becoming an elite athlete. P90X Yoga is an hour and a half long workout, yes, you heard it right, that will test even the manly mans who have worked out for years. I just did Yoga X yesterday, and there was a pile of sweat on my mat after I finished. If you’re an athlete doing P90X, don’t take Yoga lightly because it can give you an edge on others.

Shoulders & Arms. When I injured my shoulder my freshman year in college, I was put through a rehabilitation program to get it back to normal again. When I did Shoulders & Arms for the first time, I couldn’t believe the resemblance it had to the rehabilitation training. I even feel it was better than the rehabilitation! After my first round, my shoulders were more developed than they have ever been before, which would have helped tremendously with my throwing arm back when I played. If you’re a pitcher looking to develop your throwing arm, you aren’t going to find many better exercises that what you would with Shoulders & Arms.

Legs & Back. Talk about a brutal workout! Every athlete knows that the legs are the most important body part in sports. Before P90X, I never spent time developing my legs. Why? Honestly, I have no idea. I guess I spent too much time focusing on developing the chest more than anything. However, I knew that if I wanted to become an all around fit guy, I needed to focus on every muscle group, and that included the legs. Think about this for a minute. Legs & Back is the only workout that I am sore for 3-4 days afterwards, and I’ve been doing this for 2 years! I now have veins that go through my calves and quads just like I do my biceps and chest. Since I’ve started P90X, my calves and quads have both grown 2 inches. You aren’t going to find many legs workouts that will be more effective than Legs & Back!

I could go on and on about how the other workouts increase your athletic ability, but I don’t want to write a book! Just understand that if you’re a coach looking to get your athletes in shape for the upcoming season, or if you’re an individual looking to increase your athletic ability, you aren’t going to find a better all around program than P90X. There is a reason that professional sports teams are using this program to get into shape!

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  1. Johnny /

    I do wrestling and would like to know if P90X will help me balance when taking a shot and help me compete for a longer time without getting tired

  2. Josh /

    P90X will help tremendously with wrestling. If you purchase the program from this site, I will be your coach and help you through the program.

  3. Johnny /

    i have purchased the program quite a while ago and used it on and off, but i am deciding to stick to it now oh and btw thanks for the response and i would like it for you to be my coach

  4. Here is the link to make me your coach:

  5. Mark Ellis /

    I am 16 years old and in my sophmore year for my high school baseball team. My dream is to play in college and i was lucky to letter as a freshmen in baseball. I have purchased p90x to get me to that next level but i dont know if its really a workout made for kids my age looking to play a sport in college. I got the feeling that it was for older out of shape people just trying to get healthier. I stopped after this first week cause i thought it was a waste of time but after eading this i might try it again. Will it help me get to that next level better then other workouts?

  6. @Mark. I wish I would have known about P90X when I was playing high school ball. I’m in better shape now than I was back then, and I know how much it could have helped my game. Commit yourself to the program and you will see an increase in strength, agility, and speed, which are all very important for baseball!

  7. Mark Ellis /

    Thanks alot man im really hoping it’ll help

  8. austin /

    Hey, I’m in football now and I was wondering if this would make me more of a threat on the field. I am 5’7 and about 185. I can b ench 230, and run my forty in 5.1 would this program make me better on the field??

  9. I play football and basketball in highschool and ive had p90x for a while but never really used it. i want to get more muscle and drop some fat. is it safe to use during my football and basketball season?

  10. @Cole. You’re going to be sore for the first few weeks after starting the program, so you have to make sure that it’s not going to affect your game, which it might.

  11. @Austin. P90X will improve your all around athletic performance. There are many NFL and other professional athletes using the program to improve their game. You are going to want to bench and stick with some of your other heavy resistance training along with the program, though.

  12. Hi I’m a pitcher too. Will P90x help me increase my velocity?

  13. @Kevin. I know it’s helped some other pitchers increase their velocity, so I don’t see why it won’t for you either. You develop many muscles in the shoulders, legs, and arms that you don’t with traditional exercises. If you’re interested in the program, you can purchase it from this site, which makes me your coach and I’ll be here to help you through the program.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

  14. Hi,
    I started college this fall and have been away from sports/exercise for about 6 months now..the longest I’ve gone without any exercise in about 6 years. My body doesn’t feel right without any exercise and was looking into starting p90x…one thing though, I’m not necessarily a big fan of having super thick muscular legs, and was wondering if theres any way of doing this program without getting that?

  15. sry one more thing
    if i dont follow the nutrition plan, how would that affect the results?

  16. @Kevin. It will drastically affect your results because the diet is the most important part of the program.

  17. @Kevin. It all depends on how your body develops. If you stick with lower weights and more reps, then you shouldn’t get too big and bulky.

  18. DeAndre /

    what kinda equipment do you need for this program? what can you get by with?

  19. @DeAndre. You can find out what equipment you will need in the “Q&A” section.

  20. I play a lot of baseball. My dream is to play in MLB one day. Will p90x help me achieve this goal?

  21. @Nick. Your dream to play in the MLB is not going to be determined from P90X, but rather your hard work, consistency, positive attitude, ambition, and you’re ability to separate yourself from the rest. You have to be practicing when all of your buddies are playing video games, taking positive steps forward every single day to work towards your dream. Go out and get a book called “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz and read it.

  22. I play center in basketball and I played my first season this year. I was pretty good but I was not as fast, strong, or jump as high as I would have liked. Will p90x help me achieve these goals and the goal of dunking by the time the season starts, or at least make get me close?

  23. @Pat. P90X will definitely help increase athletic performance!

  24. Gabe /

    Hey I’m 15, I’m 6’0 and weigh 145 pounds. I play quarterback/wide reciever in football, and shooting guard in basketball. Would P90x be a good decision to increase my speed and stregnth? Would I get more defined with it? The reason why I was thinking about it is because my high school doesn’t have a real athletic training class for the sport players.

  25. Josh /

    @Gabe. Yes! You also might want to look into Insanity, which is more cardio based than P90X.

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