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Is P90X Hard?

is p90x hard?Is P90X hard? Yes. Good post!

I’m just playing around people. I’m not going to make a post with 6 words! The one thing that really caught my attention when I was watching the P90X infomercial for the first time was that Beachbody advertised the program as hard, which really separated it from all of the other fitness infomercials that you see on TV anymore. You see things like the Shakeweight, Ab Belt (give me a break), and these other off the wall products that promise you that all you have to do is sit there and get a 6 pack abs! Just 2 minutes a day and Wah-La! You have a 6 pack! Really? Have we become so lazy and desperate to lose weight at the same time that we resort to products like these? Unreal.

There is no going around it, P90X is hard. Really hard actually. I was in for a rude awakening when I went through the first Chest & Back workout. I made it to the half-way point and couldn’t do more than 1-2 push-ups or pull-ups after that. After the workout, I laid sprawled out on the floor and then I heard THE music. For those of you who have gone through P90X, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It was time for some Ab Ripper X! I found enough energy to complete the ab routine and that was it. I was spent. Then the next day I couldn’t move. Ouch. Every muscle in my chest, shoulders, and back was sore as heck! I actually embraced the soreness, though, because I knew if I was that sore then I was going to make some great changes, and that I did.

Even though P90X is very hard, Tony Horton shows you ways to modify it so that anyone can do the workout. When Melinda went through her first round, she had to modify everything, including the push-ups and pull-ups. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with modifying, so don’t feel embarrassed if you have to do so. Also, there is nothing wrong with pausing it and taking breaks as well. I’ll be the first to admit that I had to pause Ab Ripper X probably 15 times the first time I did it! The key is that you make progress each time you do the workout.

So to answer the question “Is P90X hard,” yes it is, but the hard in P90X allows you to get absolutely outstanding results!

If you’re ready to try the X, click below!



  1. Seth T. /

    Well said Josh. I’m still sore from chest, shoulders and tri’s on monday…and I’m pretty sure I will be sore tomorrow from todays workout, back and biceps. I’m loving it!

  2. The way I see it is as an “Inverse Proportion”. Keep pushing play and P90X becomes easier, you become harder, lol.

    “I hate it, buy I love it”, that’s what Tony says at the beginning and at first I didn’t get it. Ab Ripper was my enemy and my weapon of choice was the pause button. By the end of the 90 days I actually looked forward to THE music.

  3. @Manny. Haha nice!

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