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It Does NOT Pay To Steal P90X!

VIA Carl Daikeler’s Blog (

Proof again that it doesn’t pay to try to rip off Beachbody. Beachbody recently received a default judgment in excess of $2.1M ($2,150,000.00) against a counterfeiter. Several months ago, Beachbody began investigating a resident of New York, and learned that this individual had been dealing in counterfeit Beachbody products, selling more than 125 units of P90X. When we went after him, his lawyer foolishly told us to take a hike and asked us what we would really do.

Not being a company to allow its amazing products to be ripped off and then told to take a hike, we filed a complaint in the United States District Court seeking damages and injunctive relief. The judge noted the willful infringement and awarded Beachbody $2.15 million in damages to send a message (and even threw in an addition $5,600 for attorneys’ fees). We intend to enforce the judgment and send a message that Beachbody will not tolerate any theft of our intellectual property.

This is just one of literally hundreds of investigations and complaints that Beachbody undertakes each month as part of its anti-piracy efforts, and hopefully will convince other counterfeiters that Beachbody simply will not rest when it comes to protecting its valuable products. We want the entire piracy community to know that will do everything possible to prevent counterfeiting, and will continue to take action against those that deal in counterfeit Beachbody products. Huge credit to our entire Legal and Anti-Piracy Teams who are dedicated to tracking down and nailing the counterfeiters and pirates out there trying to steal all of our hard work!

To report any pirated or counterfeit Beachbody products, please email:

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  1. Matt D. /

    That’s great, stealing is stealing. Besides for what you get for the price of P90X it’s almost like stealing. I can personally say that the beachbody price for P90X is very affordable considering that P90X is the best home fitness solution there is! You could almost spend as much in one month on a top gym membership that you would spend on the entire P90X program. Plus the beachbody customer support is excellent. The old saying goes “you get what you pay for.” For all the work that beachbody does to ensure their customers success its only fair that beachbody and their coaches get rewarded for all their hard work.

    Keep up the good work Coach Josh!

    Matt D.

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