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Josh’s P90X Review

Name: Josh C.

Program: P90X

Josh’s P90X Review

“My whole life I have always been a high energy person. I played sports most of my life and due to whatever reason I have always been able to eat what I want because I never sat still. Then I started traveling for work eating horribly and basically no exercise other than walking around. The weight gain was slow and incremental til one day I took a look at a picture of myself and said “That’s pathetic”.

I owned P90x for three years before I used the program. I bought it because other people said it worked but I wasn’t disgusted enough with myself to make the commitment. Then I took my before pics…. All I can say is “disgusting”. My life changed from that point! I did the program and I had to have gut checks weekly to make sure I stuck with it because I’m not gonna lie, the first 2 weeks were brutal! My diet was better but it was far from perfect. I have tweaked that as I have went along. The only supplements I took was the recovery formula and the protein bars. I wanted to see how I could do without loading up on supplements and knowing that I wouldn’t be perfect on my diet. I’m honest …. Eating clean is way harder than banging out some pushups. Eating good obviously is the most important thing but I feel my results were decent considering I did the best I could in my situation.

I believe that the journey of P90x was life changing for me because the harder I worked the more I wanted to eat clean and not waste all my hard work and I believe that’s what it takes. When I would slip a little I would feel bad and say to myself” that was a mistake do better next time”. I wouldn’t quit. I want to help people achieve their goals and show them that this program Will Change Your Life! I feel like I’m a coach for the everyday person, I will motivate and show people how to overcome their obstacles like I did. I’m just another example of what P90x will do for you!”

– Josh

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