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Julianne’s UNREAL P90X Results!

Name: Julianne R.

Program: P90X


Julianne’s P90X Results Story

“My story. It is not too different from a large majority of all the overweight, obese, morbidly obese people in this world. I was fat. I made excuses. I tried everything and nothing worked. I was reaching a weight that was close to my weight when I was 9 months pregnant. So sad. I made every excuse for being that big. I had justified to myself that I was just meant to be that big and my body was comfortable at that weight. I had a thyroid problem. It was genetic and I had no choice. Oh yeah I told myself everything that I thought would make me at ease with my weight.

Unfortunately I also had the reality voice in my head that told me the truth constantly. It was so annoying that little voice. It told me I had the capacity to be healthier. I was an athlete at one point. I could be smaller. I should be smaller. I had 2 kids that needed me to be a positive role model. I needed to live a long time and be a part of their lives.

My husband gave me the opportunity of a lifetime. I was able to wear a Red Sox uniform, get ready in the visitor locker room, and actually play a game on Fenway Park. I played shortstop. I kicked ass. I got a wall ball double of the Famous Green Monster. I got to second base and did a party dance, no lie. I then stole 3rd and slid proudly face first into home plate. My ultimate Red Sox dream had come true. But then the pain started. I was so out of shape and unhealthy I hurt. I look at that ball I hit and said to myself if I was in good shape that was easily a triple. I went to the Dr. -I had stress fractured my foot. Huh? How did that happen. It was not from running, dancing, stealing or diving into home plate. It was simply because I was too fat. WTF~

On that day as the cast was being put on. I was embarrassed. I was 33 years old and I broke my foot because I was too fat. I cried all the way home and called my PCP. I went to his office and cried and cried and cried. I told him I was done, done with being fat. Done with losing this battle. I wanted to be a winner. I wanted to be someone to look up to. I wanted to be the reason I lost this weight, not the excuse for not doing it.

My PCP was very nice. At the same time he knew he could hug me, talk to me, recommend things to me, but it was ALL up to me. I was the only one that could do this. I guess my whole life I wanted the easy solution, someone to hand me something, someone to provide the answer for me. On that day my PCP recommended P90X. He knew my history and my athletic background. He said he had just bought it and with modifications I could do it. So I went home and ordered it. The countdown was on. As soon as this stupid cast was off, so was I.

On October 21st, 2009 I started. In my first 2 rounds of P90X I had lost over 70 lbs! In 9 months I had lost 85 lbs. I was so happy with myself. I learned if you have a dream you have to work hard and stay focused and you can make your dreams come true. I have had a few bumps in the road and have gained a little back, but along this journey I have realized hard work, commitment and dedication is necessary for continued success. I struggle, and I struggle often, but I know I am worth the time and effort it takes to reach my goals. I will succeed to my final goals of weight loss. More importantly I will reach my goals in life, to be a great mom and role model for my kids, to be the best wife I can be, and to motivate, inspire, and lead people to healthier more fit lives.”


  1. AWESOME work, Julianne!

  2. amazing results!

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