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Leland’s P90X Transformation Story

Name: Leland Yarnell

Program: P90X


Leland’s P90X Transformation Story

“Before I decided to get in serious shape and do something with my life I had told myself a lie. That the 20 pounds I had put on in 2 years was muscle and I was in the best shape of my life. What I didn’t realize is that 95% of it was fat. I have always been active and found myself sick that I have been fooled. I was always sick with a sinus infection and visited the doctor 12+ times a year. I saw the infomercial for Insanity and I knew I wanted the same results as the people on T.V.

I woke up the next day and decided I was tired of being sick all the time, little to no energy, tired of my joints hurting and tired of not seeing results after all my countless years of hard work in the gym and at home. So I decided to order Insanity and little did I know that it would change my life for forever! I’m 5’7. I went from being 174lbs with 17.8% body fat to 153lbs and 7.6% body fat in just 63 days! My dreams became a reality in just 2 months. I used shakeology and results and recovery formula daily. Pair that with clean eating and not missing any workouts and that was my recipe for success!

But I wasn’t satisfied there. I craved more. I had already made the decision to become a coach 2 weeks into my journey and that just allowed me to dig even deeper. I then decided to try P90X again. I failed 3 years ago, but this time I knew I was ready and I seriously got into the best shape of my life. I lost 3% body fat and gained 6lbs of pure muscle in just 90 days. I’m proud to say since I started my Beachbody Journey just 11 months ago that I haven’t been to the doctor at all and only caught one cold thanks to my new improved diet and shakeology. I’m now on my 3rd round of P90X preparing myself for the release of P90X2 December 2011.”

– Leland


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