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Losing Weight With P90X

lose weightFor the past few months in my blog posts I have really focused on the things to do to gain mass with P90X, mostly because that’s what I’ve been doing. Even though it’s possible to gain mass with P90X by making adjustments to both the diet and workouts, most people are going to want to lose weight with P90X. P90X is a program designed to help you lose weight/body fat and get ripped.

When I first started P90X, my goal was to lose weight and get ripped. I was at almost 180lbs, which is overweight for someone who is 5’7″. I didn’t care about gaining muscle at that time because I knew that it would take a completely different diet in order to do so, and I didn’t want to be a chubby strong guy. I used to be that way in the past, and I wasn’t happy then, so why would I want to do that again? No, it was time to start losing weight with P90X and get ripped. I wanted a legitimate 6 pack, and I knew that by following the diet and workouts exactly how P90X was designed, I would reach my goals.

At first, I had no idea as to how much weight I would actually lose with P90X. I thought maybe 10lbs, but again, I wasn’t too sure how my body would respond to the extreme workouts and diet plan. After the first month, I ended up losing about 10lbs and was very happy with my progress. I had lost quite a bit of body fat, and could start to see an outline of my 6 pack. However, the second month was when I saw the most progress. My metabolism was speeding up, and I started gaining some muscle, which all help with burning calories and body fat. By the end of 60 days I had lost close to 20lbs! I didn’t think I could lose any more weight, but I dropped another 5lbs or so by the end of my 90 days, and was now below 8% body fat! That makes a total weight loss of about 25lbs!

25lbs seems like a lot of weight to lose after just 90 days, but I have coached many people who have lost well above 25lbs with P90x! In fact, there are some people who have greater than a 50lbs weight loss with P90x, which is nuts! It just depends on where you start. If you’re very overweight, the weight will come off much easier, but if your just a little chubby, the weight loss isn’t going to be as significant, but you will get toned much quicker.

The one thing that I want to note, however, is that you should never pay attention to the scale while going through P90X, as it can be very deceiving, and is not a good indicator of your progress. Why? You have to understand that you are both losing body fat and gaining muscle, so you might not have any weight loss at all. You should judge your progress with P90X by what you see in the mirror, inches lost, and how you feel. If you do decide to weigh yourself every day, you can easily get discouraged and lose motivation, causing you to stop the program all together. Remember, great changes take time and you have to be patient! You WILL start losing weight with P90X, just as long as you commit yourself!

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  1. I am down 14lbs from 184 to 170 in a little over a month (on the first week of phase 2….chest, tri’s and shoulders is a killer!!) Body fat is down from 26.5 to 20%! Its working thats for sure…and I can honestly say I cheated a bit during the first phase. I may be further along….so I can only blame myself.

    Its hard at times though….full time job, married with 2 toddlers and a newborn…its difficult at times to workout…sometimes I start only to stop 20mins later because the kids need me….hard to start back up after stopped for an hour to take care of the kids (wife works nights so no help there. I get up at 5am for work so there is no chance to workout in the AM) Its tough, but I try to get it done everyday!

  2. what are your thoughts on the hand held body fat% gages. I have a hard time believing they could be that accurate, but I dont know much about them.

  3. Great man! Glad to hear that you’re making good progress. Remember, diet is the most important part of the program and what ultimately will determine how good of results you get. I know it’s tough, but it’s well worth it!

  4. They aren’t the most accurate, but they will give you an idea.

  5. Anthony /

    Hey, I had a question regarding my goals. I am 5’7 162 pounds and have 15% body fat. My goal is to get down to 10 or 11% body fat. I already completed one round of p90x and have shown great results. Is the only way to reach my goals of body fat % to drop more weight. I want to stay 160 or 165 as a end target weight but with around 10% body fat. Any suggestions on my diet or formula for my second round.

  6. Since you’re looking to lose more body fat, it’s important that you still limit the cals and carbs until your main focus is building mass. Make sure that you have a caloric deficit of around 500 per day, and try to stick with a f/c/p % of 20/40/40. What kind of supplements are you taking? Also, have you thought about becoming a coach since you have completed one round?

  7. Anthony /

    The only supplements I take are whey protein after workouts and casein protein at night. Like I said I have seen alot of results but I really want my body fat to be around 10 or 11%. I currently take in 2400 calories folowing the p90x diet. I weigh 162 at 15%. If I lose the fat is losing more weight unavoidable? Like you said Im not in the mass building phase yet I still want more fat loss. No, I havent thought about becoming a coach. I was actually maybe gonna see about having you as my coach for my next round.

  8. Charlie /


    I actually just started p90x a week ago and have never done any kind of workouts like these, I was just wondering how many reps you aimed for on free wights during your 1st 90 days. Currently I am 6’3 220 and have about 20% body fat, my goal is to look as ripped up as possible with that 6 pack. I’m just alittle unsure of what to aim for 8-10 or 12-15. I know the 12-15 will get me lean but I don’t want to be thin with not much muscle definition.


  9. Josh /

    During the first 90 days, I stuck with 12-15 reps. It wasn’t until my second round that i switched to 8-10 reps. Remember, the diet is the most important part of the program and what will get you great results! Also, you can make me your coach on this site as well if you haven’t done so already.

  10. Josh /

    You might lose more weight as you lose fat, but you might not because you’re building muscle as well. You can make me your coach by clicking on this link:

  11. HEY ! I am a girl and as well have been doing the program for about a week… I had a baby and never lost the weight – 5’8″ and about 180 – which is a pretty big girl I think. So far after being on it for a week I am already down 5 pounds! I am so excited! When did you say you really saw the most weight loss? Thanks!

  12. Awesome! Congrats on the 5lbs loss! I actually saw weight loss throughout the whole program, but the most of it came off in the first few months. Remember, diet is the key to success!

  13. So when you lose the weight, are you losing the muscle mass too? That’s not what i want to do. Just wana lose this little bit of belly fat!!!

  14. Josh /

    You won’t lose muscle if you’re eating right.

  15. Bobby /

    I lost a good bit of muscle mass my first time through P90X because the workouts are so fast paced that you can’t go really heavy with any of the weights. I also noticed I lost alot of strength and muscle mass in my chest, legs, and triceps because all you do for those areas are bodyweight moves with pushups and lunges. I think this time I will add a chest and triceps heavy day in the gym (Thursdays) along with another heavy leg day in the gym (Tuesdays) so I can’t keep that mass I worked so hard for before starting P90X. P90X seems really focused on back, biceps, core, and cardio. What do you think?

  16. Josh /

    You need to read the two posts in the “Workouts” section about gaining mass with P90X.

  17. Bryan /

    I am trying to shed some pounds and tone my body. I am not real fat but have about 10 pounds to lose. My goal is not to get big or bulky but to just slim down and get toned. Is this the right workout for me? I have been just doing cardio and lifting on my own but feel as if ive fallen into a routine and need to shake things up and get some new ideas. Do you think this program fits my goals?

  18. Josh /

    Yeah man this program will help you reach your goals! You can purchase P90X from this site, and doing so will make me your coach and I’ll be here to help you through the program.

  19. Jake /


    Im 15 and im on im on days 34 of p90x. I
    have lost 12 pounds so far. I follow the diet 100 %. The weight keeps coming off and im seeing a six pack. Thats great and all, but am i loosing muscle? I also stay in the 8-10 rep range.

  20. Josh /

    @Jake. Are you taking in enough calories and taking the right supplements?

  21. Jake /

    i take in around 2600 calories. I dont take any supplements. I also consume 190 grams of protein on an average day, without protein powder

  22. Hey Josh,

    I’m on day 45 of p90x classic. I dropped 10 lb. in phase one. I’ve been sitting a notch under 160 for a few weeks now. I’m regularly increasing weight on workouts each week, around 2.5 lb. a week. But just recently I noticed I have a layer of fat that I didn’t have before these recent weeks. I’m increasing weight on lifts, and my cardiovascular endurance is far better. I completed plyometrics with absolutely no breaks this week. I follow the diet 100%. Is this just temporary because I know muscle comes with fat. Will it shred phase 3 because I can see muscle progress (bigger lats etc.). It looks like I’m gaining mass but I’m not gaining weight. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

  23. @Nick. I highly doubt that you’re gaining fat if you’re following the diet properly and completing the workouts. You might be retaining water, which will make you bloated, looking like a layer of fat.

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