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MORE Challenge Group Testimonials!

Here’s a few more testimonials about the Challenge Groups that I have put together. Both of these guys have been part of one of my challenge groups for about 6 weeks now and absolutely ROCKIN’ IT! Here’s what they have to say about it…

Kevin’s Challenge Group Testimonial

“The challenge group with Coach Josh helped me tremendously! I don’t think I ever would have lasted as long as I have had I not been a part of it. It’s a great support system, led by a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic coach. The group members and the coach have encouraged me to commit from day 1. Coach Josh posts on the site every workout day, telling us of his workout that day, how he BROUGHT IT! and infecting us with his enthusiasm.

I only wish I had something like this from the very first day I started P90x. Each day, Coach Josh is encouraging us to bring 110%, offering his advice and help if we feel ourselves slipping, and posting videos, links to his website and anecdotes from his INSANE workout routine. For as long as he’s having these challenge groups, I’ll be a part of them. It makes it SO much easier to commit!”

– Kevin

Adrian’s Challenge Group Testimonial

“These challenge groups are important for anyone looking for a support group during an intense workout program. A lot of people tend to make a commitment to a workout program and diet and stop about after two weeks, if not before. The difference with the challenge group, is giving up isn’t an option because you are held accountable for your progress. You MUST check in everyday to the other group members when you have completed your workout and on your progress throughout the 3 or so months of the program. Because of this, there is more of a determination in you to continue with your program. You are not alone in a challenge group AND you have a job to do because others are counting on you to reach your goals. So you better not give up while in a challenge group because this time you won’t just be letting yourself down!

Another HUGE benefit to the Facebook challenge group is Coach Josh – he’s also checking in regularly keeping everyone in the group motivated and offering support to questions or concerns to the group members. This is a major bonus to the challenge group because his advice and words are always encouraging and I learn a ton about exercise, nutrition and even life from his words. No matter how small the question or concern, Coach Josh is is there to answer and is always supportive. His regular guidance in these challenge groups alone is worth signing up!

Not only that, you find you have a real support network with the other 4-5 people in the group. Even though you probably don’t know these people, together you share a common goal and together you create a confidence in each other while enduring an intense workout program because you know your not alone in doing them.”

– Adrian

Being part of a challenge group IS THE WAY to get the best results! Unbelievable support, daily accountability, and having me here to answer any questions that you have equals a recipe for success! If you’d like to learn more about what the requirements are to join a challenge group, just click here! If you have any questions, email me at

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