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My Dad’s P90X Transformation!

Are you ready for this one? For those of you who use age or time as an excuse as to why you can’t get ripped, you will think differently once you see and hear about my dad’s P90X transformation. First, though, let me tell you a little about my dad and his unhealthy track record that led him to become overweight.

Ever since I have been little, everyone has known my dad as the “unhealthy eater.” I’m not just talking about having some junk food here and there, I’m talking about eating nothing but junk food every meal! Fried chicken fingers, white pasta, french fries, sugary cereal, cookies, ice cream with hard shell, milkshakes, etc. have been making up his diet for the past 20 years. There are two things that he used to do that stick out in my mind. The first involves eating a HUGE bowl of ice cream each night with half a bottle of Hershey’s Chocolate Hard Shell, topped with a mountain full of whipped cream. The second is when we would go to Cracker Barrel, where he would order French Toast and ask for 3-4 extra little bottles of syrup. His plate would be so full of syrup that it almost overflowed and when he was done with his french toast, he would take a spoon and eat the rest of the syrup. That’s not all. If he had any bottles of syrup left over, he would drink them. Yeah, you heard it right, he would literally drink the bottle of syrup! We always told him that if he didn’t already have diabetes, he would get it soon. That was until he decided to commit himself to P90X.

To be honest, I didn’t think that there would ever be a chance that I could get my 49 year old dad to commit to P90X, let alone the P90X diet. He was so used to eating unhealthy that he felt comfortable with where he was, and no matter how many times I warned him that it would catch up with him and that he needed to change things, he wouldn’t listen to me, even after he saw me have an awesome P90X transformation myself. After talking to my dad over and over again about it for two years, something clicked, and one day he came to me and said “Tell me what I need to do to get great results with P90X.” At that point I knew that he would be an amazing P90X success story because when my dad commits to something, he puts in 110% effort to achieve his goals. I went through and explained the P90X diet and how he needed to change his habits. I warned him that it wouldn’t be easy, but he knew that and was prepared to do anything possible to get outstanding results. I also explained the benefits of both Shakeology and whey protein, and told him that they were very important in getting results, so he got on Shakeology Home Direct and the whey and was ready to get started!

After explaining what all was involved, he was ready to start Day 1. He had a few obstacles that he had to figure out first, though, and one of them was time management. He already owns and runs two businesses himself, and wasn’t sure when he would be able to find time for the workouts. He knew he was going to work out every day, but he wasn’t sure when. He eventually decided to get up an hour earlier every morning to fit in the workouts. For added support and to get into awesome shape herself, my mom decided to join my dad with his P90X journey. Both of them started P90X and never looked back. (I will post a story about my mom as soon as she gives me her photos!)

After 90 days of committing to the workouts, diet, and Shakeology EVERY DAY, my parents got AMAZING P90X results, and are in the best shape of their lives! I will get into my mom’s results in another post, but my dad lost 25lbs and now has abs at 49! He had to go out and purchase a whole new wardrobe because nothing fit him anymore! I cannot tell you all how proud I am of both of my parents and how glad I am that they have committed to a healthy lifestyle like Melinda and I have. Now, when we go out to eat, Melinda and I are no longer the outcasts because we all eat healthy. Not only have they gotten excellent P90X results, they have decided to become Beachbody coaches themselves! You can check out my dad’s website at Below are my dad’s P90X before and after photos..

P90X Before and After

P90X Transformation

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  1. Ricardo /

    WOW!!!! Great Job Josh’s DAD!

  2. Adam /

    fantastic results!!

  3. Mike T. /

    Way to go! I’m so happy for you all. 🙂

  4. Drew /

    That’s incredible.. Good on both of them!

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