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P90X Review: My Day 1!

P90X Review- Day 1:

Alright, I have had many people talk about how they have been struggling so much on Day 1 and that they’re not sure if it is normal or not. So now I am going to explain to you all that struggling on the first day is in fact very normal!

I remember hearing that doorbell ring from the UPS guy that had my P90X. I was super excited and couldn’t wait to open it up and get started. Little did I know that I was about to do the toughest workout in my entire life!

Let me tell you, I was prepared, or at least I thought I was! I put on my athletic shorts and a cut-off shirt, took my NO-Explode, hung up my pull-up bar, and got warmed up to do Chest and Back, which is the first workout of the P90X program. I started out doing regular push-ups, and busted out about 25 of them. OK, at this point I’m thinking, “Hmm, I’m kinda tired already! I wonder how many push-ups I have to do?” Hahaha little did I know! Anyways, then it was time for wide grip pull-ups. I ran into the other room (the only door frame it would fit on) and busted out 3, yes 3, unassisted wide grip pull-ups. “Damn, that was tough. I really hate pull-ups!” was going through my mind.

I was barely able to get through the first half. I really struggled with the diamond push-ups, dive bombers, and all the pull-ups. I think I got 1 or 2 pull-ups for each exercise at that point. When I heard Tony say that he hoped we didn’t wear ourselves out for the second round, I about died! My arms already felt like jello, and there was no way in hell I was doing another pull-up! Not to mention I felt like i was going to throw up!

So I start the second round, and attempted to do 1 pull-up and definitely failed! There was no way this guy was doing another pull-up for the remainder of the workout! But I figured I would at least do the rest of the back exercises along with the push-ups. So then it was back to the good ol’ regular push-ups. 1, 2, 3, 4, oh crap! No more! Arms gave out! 4 was the max I could do for ANY of the remaining push-up exercises!

After the workout was done, I literally laid on the ground and didn’t move! That is, until I heard the music for Ab Ripper X! “Are you kidding me? I already feel like I went through hell and you want me to bust out 300 something ab reps?” I started it and couldn’t believe how tough the exercises were! I have never before seen these type of moves in my entire life! Fifor Scissors? Huh? Yeah, that’s right, see how long you can hold your legs up buddy. And then to see the guy in the background with one hell of a friggen six pack just made me sick. He was making it look so easy, and here I was only able to do like 10 reps before I had to pause. I probably paused it 35 times in order to finish the entire workout, but I finished it. Day 1 ACCOMPLISHED!

Haha and then the after effects. Oh my! I didn’t realize that anyone could ever be this sore! I wanted to just lay in bed and not move! The soreness lasted about 6 days, and then I had to do another Chest and Back….

So for all of you that really struggled with the first workout, don’t get discouraged because you are not alone! I went through hell and had a hard time just as you did, but I pushed myself as much as I can, which is all you can ask for!

Coach Josh


  1. David /

    So when you were sore, did you keep working out? The reason I ask is because I’ve worked out before after not working out for a looong time and I was extremely sore for about 3 days, not able to move, and there was no way in hell I could work out even if I tried to! Lol.

  2. Yeah, I kept pushing along even though I could barely move from being so sore! I found that once you get through the warmups and stretch, you aren’t quite as sore.

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