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P90X and Insanity Asylum Workout

P90X and Insanity Asylum Workout

Before I left for my Honeymoon a few weeks ago I was in unbelievable shape, but after a week of somewhat “relaxing” on my diet while I was gone, I came back just a few pounds heavier than when I left. When I got back it was tough to get back into the routine of working out and eating healthy every day. Because of the amount of planning that was involved for the wedding, I have gotten rather behind on my work, so I spent all of last week getting caught up, meaning yes, I didn’t work out. It was good, though, because I really did need to take a rest week, but now I’m back in the game! However, I wanted to STEP UP the intensity, so I decided to form my own little crazy workout routine. It involves doing Insanity Asylum and P90X exercises for about an hour.

I haven’t been doing much cardio for the past 4-5 months, so I thought it would be good to start incorporating some high intensity cardio workouts back into my routine, and you’re not going to get any more intense than with Insanity Asylum (check out my Insanity Asylum Review)! Seriously guys, the workout is nuts. When I first went through Insanity Asylum about 7 months ago, and keep in mind I was already in very good shape, but I REALLY struggled keeping up with the pace of Shaun T. The workout involves giving it 100% for the ENTIRE time, which is anywhere from 35-60 minutes, all depending on which Asylum workout you’re doing. Most of the exercises are some sort of agility moves that involve ladder drills, and you go hard for about a minute, take a few seconds break and then go hard again. By the end of the workout you will be DRENCHED and completely and utterly EXHAUSTED! Anyways, I decided to start incorporating that into my P90X resistance routines on a daily basis.

Call me crazy, and maybe I am, but I love to push myself to the point where I’m about to puke! There is just something about knowing that I can push myself well beyond my comfort zone, and well, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the past few days. Greg, one of my best friends, and I have decided to do the workouts together so that we can push each other even harder than doing it individually, and it’s definitely worked! So, what kind of P90X and Asylum hybrid workout are we doing? I’ll break it down for you. What we’ve been doing is taking P90X resistance moves for 2 muscle groups and adding in Insanity Asylum moves in between sets. For example, if we are working back and biceps for the day, we will do a back exercise followed by a bicep exercise, and then immediately follow that with 2 minutes and 30 seconds of Insanity Asylum drills. We each do a 1:15 of a certain exercise and then switch to the other exercise until the entire 2:30 is up. One of the Asylum drills involves doing different jump rope moves, and the other involves the use of the agility ladder. We will go through 8 or 9 different sets of that, coming to a total of about 16-18 different resistance moves and 20 to 22:30 minutes of high intensity Asylum moves, and we try to get that done within an hour!

What’s great about this workout is that not only are you getting a great resistance workout, but you’re doing interval training as well because of the Asylum workouts followed by a lower intensity resistance set and then back to the high intensity drills again. This is a great way to burn a ton of calories, but yet build some muscle at the same time. There are a few important things to remember, though. First, it’s going to be CRUCIAL that you take in the proper post-workout recovery drink, and I use and recommend the P90X Recovery Formula. You are really depleting your glycogen stores doing a very intense workout routine like this, so it’s important that you replenish those stores for proper post workout recovery. What you even might want to consider doing is sipping on the Recovery Formula during the workout as well, especially if you start to feel completely drained. If you are drained, it’s going to make it tough to do well with the resistance exercises.

If you’re in great shape and looking to try something new that will test your ability to push yourself, I highly recommend that you try some sort of P90X and Insanity Asylum workout like the one I’m doing. Be creative and come up with your own if you have to, maybe even adding in some Insanity moves as well, but just make sure you keep mixing things up to keep up with the muscle confusion! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at or message me on Facebook ( If you haven’t made me your Beachbody Coach yet, make sure you do so by clicking here!


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