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P90X and the Gym

free weightsNot too long ago I made a post called P90X VS the Gym, but now I want to talk a little bit about how the two can coincide. So yes, it is indeed possible to do P90X and the gym at the same time.

Two Sundays ago, a few buddies of mine decided that we were going to go to the gym just to mix up our workouts a bit. Now remember, I used to lift in the gym every single day while I was in college, and I’m very familiar with the traditional gym exercises that gym rats do. The only problem with doing the same exercises every day is that you easily hit a plateau, and you won’t get beyond it until you switch up either your diet or workouts, or both. That’s the reason I decided to do P90X, because I hit a plateau and had no idea what to do to get out of it. I saw P90X on an infomercial one day, and they talked about the plateau effect, and they mentioned a little something called “muscle confusion.” Muscle confusion does exactly that, confuses the muscles, helping them continue to grow. After P90X changed my life, I knew that muscle confusion worked.

We decided to go to the gym a few weeks ago because I wanted to continue the muscle confusion. I’ve been doing P90X workouts for 3 years now, and even though I still see some results, it’s not nearly as drastic as it used to be because my body has adjusted. Since I haven’t been to the gym and done any real heavy resistance exercises lately, I knew that going to the gym would allow me to get out of this small plateau I’ve been experiencing because it would confuse the heck out of my muscles. That’s exactly what happened. We did a chest and back routine, but it wasn’t P90X Chest & Back, it was a heavy resistance workout that involved exercises such as bench press and dumbbell flys. We focused on heavier weights and did 3 sets of 8-10. After being so sore from the workout, we made a deal that we would work out in the gym once a week every Sunday. We went again yesterday, and my chest and triceps haven’t been this sore in a long time!

So can P90X and the gym work together? Of course, but it’s not something that you should do if you’re just starting P90X. Go through the program exactly how it’s set up to be followed, which includes the diet, and then once you finish the first or second rounds and see the results you want, then you can think about heading back to the gym to start adding in some additional resistance training.

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  1. Hey Josh. I really appreciate all the valueble info your giving everyone in order to help us get in the best shape of our lives as well as being an awesome coach.. Im 15 and I think im gonna start p90x sometime next week.Im all hyped up to get goin except I have one problem.When i do pullups my pullup bar messes up my moms door frame. Do you know any ways to stop this? Anything would help because I know pullups are very important in this program. Oh and sorry about the long post

  2. @Ethan. What I do is place towels or rags in between the bar and the door frame, which seems to help. Make sure you fold it a few times.

  3. Gibson /

    so you go every week on sunday? and you work the same muscle groups as you would on that day of p90x but you do it at the gym?

  4. @Gibson. I haven’t for a few weeks, but yes, that’s what I was doing.

  5. Gibson /

    how do you determine what other group muscle you want to work, i see that one sunday you did chest and back and the next sunday you did chest and triceps, and why would you do a chest and back workout on sunday when on monday you have to work the same muscles again? i thought your suppose to rest them for 48 hours?

  6. Josh /

    @Gibson. It all depends on what muscle group has had enough rest time.

  7. Damon /

    Hey Josh I’m about to start my second round of p90x and have gotten stronger but I don’t feel like spending a lot of money on d-bells is it ok to do strength days at my college gym? even though I won’t have Tony yelling at me lol

  8. Josh /

    @Damon. Yeah man, that’s fine. Just make sure you try to go at the same pace as them. It’s easy to just chill at the gym.

  9. Hey, not sure if you will see this since you made this post a long time ago but I am starting p90x. I’m 17. I’m cut and strong, but one of my goals was to get BIGGER. Not mushy big but still keep my tone and have my chest get bigger, you know? Will p90x help with that? I was under the impression it would just make you lose body fat and tone you more. Then again, I’ll probably feel a hell of a lot better doing it since my whole body will be “rejuvenated” after finishing this.

  10. @Ricky. If you’re looking to gain mass, you need to look into the new mass gaining program called Body Beast! It’s here on my site, just check it out.

  11. SPDopkins /

    I do P90X AND go to the gym AND do TRX Suspension training. I do exactly what P90x does in the gym the same days. I do Chest & Back in P90x & do Chest & Back in the Gym. Plyometrics in P90x & do Legs in the gym. Shoulders & Arms in P90X & Shoulders & arms in the Gym etc… I do TRX Suspension Training on days on P90X Yoga and P90X Stretch/Rest days. ALSO on P90X Kenpo Days, I do Tap Out Xt Muy Thai ACTUALLY striking bags/pads (so u actually build the resistance of hitting something) . On Top of all that, I run on the Local high school track. starting with 1 mile a day (4 laps) going up 1 lap every week (7 days.) with all that, EVERY day, 1 set of Abs, Lower back and Leg Press. Along with basic calisthenics (push ups, pull ups & jump squats) EVERY day. My goal isn’t necessarily to get “big” but to be fit in all aspects. Theres more to fitness than just lifting weights. (most people don’t understand that) For example, bodybuilders are big and strong, BUT slow with restricted mobility and damn near minimum cardio requirements. IF THAT. sorry. Im drunk. St. Pattys Day 2013 🙂

  12. @SPDopkins. Haha I started reading through this and thinking “What the heck is this guy talking about?” Then I saw the “I’m drunk” comment and it all made sense. Thanks for giving me a good laugh brother!

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