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Where to Buy P90X

If you’re wondering where to buy P90X, you’ve come to the right place! I’m a Beachbody Coach and sell P90X LEGITIMATELY! If you buy P90X from this site, I will also become your coach and support you through the program. Click below if you’re ready to buy P90X now!

P90X Review:

When I first saw the P90X Infomercial back in March of 2008, I knew that P90X would be a great fit for what I was looking to do. What was I looking to do? Well, I was just tired of being out of shape and was ready to not only get into the physical condition I was during college, but get into the best shape of my life and get ripped! I was seriously tired of being tired, overweight, and never being able to get those 6 pack abs that I always worked so hard for, but never was able to get. I wanted to get ripped fast! I needed something that would help me achieve all my fitness goals, and once I saw the infomercial I knew that the P90X workout program could possibly be what I was looking for. Man was I right!

That night I went online and decided to order the program. I was wondering where to buy P90X, and I could have gotten P90X cheap, but decided against it because I knew that if I put forth an investment by spending $120 for the program, I would force myself to stay committed because I wouldn’t want to waste my money. Plus, I wanted to support the company who created P90X, Beachbody. Since I put forth the money and didn’t buy P90X cheap, I committed myself entirely to the program, and to make a long story short, I lost 25lbs, 10% body fat, and got into the best shape of my entire life!

After I got my P90X transformation, I was approached by my coach to become a coach. After contemplating whether or not it was something I wanted to do, I decided to join up, which was probably the smartest decision of my life. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m the currently #1 Top Beachbody Coach in the nation out of about 25,000 coaches! Both my fiance and I are doing this full time and helping people through the program, providing support and motivation in order for them to stay committed to whatever Beachbody program they might be using. When I was going through my first round of P90X, there was tremendous benefit in having a coach, and I’m glad that she was there to help me with any questions I had and motivate me to continue committing myself. Nobody can really understand the value in having that extra support, which played an important role in my success!

Now that I’m a coach, if people purchase P90X through this site, I will automatically become their coach and be here to help them through the program. If you’re wondering where to buy P90X, and you’re thinking about going elsewhere to purchase P90X cheap, remember that there is tremendous value in having a coach here to help motivate and support you through the program. Plus, you will be supporting Beachbody. Because I’m a Beachbody coach, my links automatically forward to the Team Beachbody site, but have my Coach ID # so that I will get the credit and become your coach.

If you’re ready to try P90X for yourself, click below!


  1. Zarek /

    I’m 14 130lbs 5 9″ and was just wondering if I should get the bands or use dumbells. If dumbells how heavy should they be?

  2. Josh /

    @Zarek. It doesn’t matter which you get. Also, I can’t tell you how much weight you should get because I don’t know you.

  3. Zarek /

    Thanks for responding. Which did you use beacause I see you got great results.when you say it doesn’t matter it is because as long as you use the right weight right? Btw do you know how to decide which weight to get as far as trying them out at dick’s or another sporting goods store. Just one more question in the p90x program do you lift your max for a few reps or less weight for more reps because that would also help me.

  4. Josh /

    @Zarek. I’m not sure what you’re talking about with the first question. Also, I’ve had my dumbbells and I didn’t purchase them.

  5. Zarek /

    I mean it doesn’t matter which you use as long as you are you use something heavy enough
    also could you describe how to use resistance bands because I really don’t know how and I don’t think I can afford a set of dumbbells

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