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P90X Legs Workout

Does P90X work the legs? This is a question that I get all of the time! The reason is because no matter where you look, whether it’s on YouTube or the Beachbody site, you barely ever seen anyone show their legs in their P90X transformation pictures or videos. Is this because P90X doesn’t focus enough attention on the legs? Heck no! In fact, my legs are more developed now than they have ever been before. The P90X legs workout, or Legs & Back, is AWESOME!

Before P90X, I never worked the legs, and did a few lunges here and there, but nothing really to develop the lower half of the body. When I started P90X, I was in for a rude awakening. Legs & Back is the workout that literally kicked my a..rear. My goal when I started P90X was to develop my entire body, not just the upper half, and I knew that I would  experience some major soreness in the lower half since I never worked it before. I was right. I could barely walk after the first P90X legs workout! My calves, butt, quads, pretty much every part of my legs were sore for about 2 weeks straight.

When I started focusing on gaining mass with P90X during round 2, I really wanted to develop my legs even more, and that’s when I decided to keep increasing the weights I used for Legs & Back. After starting out with 25lbs dumbbells in Round 1, I have moved up to 45lbs, and am able to do just about the same amount of reps as Tony Horton and the gang. A few weeks into round 2, I started noticing veins pop out not only in my arms and chest, but also my quads and legs! I really didn’t think this was possible! Now, I literally have ripped legs, with veins popping out everywhere! I can especially notice them when I do exercises such as sneaky lunges and wall squats.

If your worried that P90X won’t develop the lower half of your body, put your worries at ease because I can assure you it will! My calves have increased about an inch and a half, if not more since I’ve started. The P90X legs workout is one of the best out there!

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