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P90X Mass Gaining Results

Not too long ago I shared a story of one of my best friends, Mike, who came to me asking for help on ways to gain mass with P90X. He had been trying to gain mass for years, but nothing seemed to work, and he was pretty frustrated. Mike shared a pretty funny story with me the other day, talking about the “advice” that others were giving him before he approached me, and one guy even told him that in order for him to gain mass, he would have to eat a Supersized Big Mac and french fries meal from McDonald’s every day. Right. Good call, genius! Let’s clog his arteries. For some reason, there is this HUGE misconception that if you’re looking to gain mass, it’s OK to eat whatever and how much you want! That is definitely not the case. Sure, you’re going to have to take in a TON of calories, but they have to be healthy calories. Plus, you have to take in the right supplements as well! The supplements that I have Mike using are Shakeology (as a snack) because of the vitamins and nutrients, creatine (pre-workout), Optimum Nutrition’s Serious Mass (post workout) because of the amount of calories, and whey protein (in the morning and before bed). Anyways, I already talked about how Mike gained 12 lbs of mass using P90X in another post (if you didn’t read it, check out this post about gaining mass with P90X), and I wanted to share the video that he and I created yesterday of his P90X mass gaining results!

For some reason people seem to think that there is no way you can gain mass with P90X, and well, now that theory can be thrown out the window. Mike committed himself 100% to the diet, workouts, and supplements for the entire 90 days to get the results he did, and is now a Beachbody Coach helping others get P90X mass gaining results as well. To make him your coach, click here, or contact him at


  1. Great results!

  2. Amazing results. 12 pounds of muscle in 90 Days is pretty good. That would mean if he kept those results up in one year he would gain an average of 40 pounds of muscle which is ridiculous.

  3. Damir /

    Leland, of course he wouldn’t, you can’t have a straight line growth in lean muscle mass.
    You jump rapidly in the beginning of working out, but the growth rates fall down with the time spent in training.

    Still, 12 pounds in 90 days – pretty damn good.
    Wish I could add that to my 155 @ 5’10.

    So Josh, you do recommend the mass gainer as a supplement?
    I always tended to avoid those and used only whey protein.
    I thought – the simple the powder, the less bad things can it bring. 🙂


  4. Josh /

    @Damir. The reason I recommend the mass gainer is because a lot of people have a very hard time reaching the calorie mark they need in order to gain mass. Mass gainers pack a TON of calories, helping them reach their calorie goal for the day.

  5. Clint /

    What creatine preworkout supplement did you have him use? Or are there any you recommend?

  6. Josh /

    @Clint. I don’t currently use creatine, but when I did I just used a generic creatine monohydrate.

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