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P90X or Insanity?

p90x vs insanityFor the past few weeks, I have had a number of people email me and ask whether or not they should start out with P90X or Insanity. Both are excellent programs and will help you get into great shape, but what is the difference between the two? Is one more intense than the other? Will you build more mass with P90X? Will you lose muscle mass with Insanity? Let’s look at my P90X Review and Insanity Review below.

P90X is what I started out with, and one that I recommend to everyone because of how much I believe the program works! I got amazing P90X results, and if you haven’t seen my P90X before and after photos yet, click here. The one thing that I really like about P90X is that it involves a balance of resistance and cardio training. I ended up losing 25lbs and 10% body fat during my first round of the program. During the second round, I had a new goal to gain mass with P90X, and that’s exactly what I did. I ended up putting back on 15lbs of muscle without gaining body fat! Whether your goal is to gain mass or lose weight, P90X is an excellent program that will help you reach those goals! Make sure you check out my complete P90X Review.

What about Insanity? Whenever people get through one or two rounds of P90X, they look for a program that will spice up their workouts, and that’s exactly what Insanity does! Warning, Insanity is SUPER INTENSE! There are some workouts that you will burn over a 1,000 calories in an hour, so this isn’t for beginners! You have to already be in decent shape to start this program. Insanity has both cardio and resistance workouts, but the resistance workouts involve only body weight, so if you’re looking to gain mass only, then Insanity wouldn’t be for you. However, if you’re looking to get cut and ripped, Insanity will help you burn the fat and reach your goals! Also, if you have knee or back problems, then you probably need to stay away from Insanity because of all the jumping around that’s involved. I like doing the Insanity cardio workouts and P90X resistance workouts, just so I have a balance of heavy resistance training and high intensity cardio training. Check out my complete Insanity Review.

So, which is it? P90X or Insanity?

Are you ready to get ripped like I did with P90X?

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Are you ready to get CRAZY with Insanity?


  1. Ankit /

    Hello Josh,

    My upper body looks fine, but i have lot of love handles.(they are in a curvy/ circular shape). I was doing exercise regularly but still they got build up 🙁 . I completed Revabs program . There was slight decrease in the size of love handles after completing Revbasbut but not as expected.I am not sure what to do as they look very ugly. I do have P90X program also with me. Please suggest,do i need to buy insanity to get rid of love handles.

    Thanks in advance.


  2. Josh /

    @Ankit. It’s all about 100% COMMITMENT to the diet and the workouts! Go through P90X, don’t skip a day, and follow the diet as closely as you possibly can. Also, have you made me your coach yet? If not, here’s the link to do so!

  3. Ankit /

    I have senr an email to change my existing coach to you. Will you be able to help me in getting rid of those love handles?

  4. Josh /

    @Ankit. Yeah, I’ll help as much as I can! Remember, though, it has mostly to do with your diet!

  5. Matt /

    Hey Josh, I’m about 5″11 and weigh 135. Now I’m pretty skinny always have been because of my fast metabolism. Im in pretty good shape. Bench 180 squat 240 and run a mile at a 6 min pace. I want to be become cut and ripped with the six pack. The whole nine yards. It’s the summer and I want to come back ripped for my junior year like my brother did back when he was in high school. Any tips on videos and things to take so I can come back stronger and ripped. Any help appreciated Josh.

  6. Josh /

    @Matt. P90X brother!

  7. Matt /

    Would p90x plus body beast and p90x Abe ripper x. Doing that every day speed up the process or make it slower/ less effective?

  8. Josh /

    That’s a lot of working out brother! Stick with one program at a time.

  9. Matt /

    Thanks but during basketball season we had 2 and half hour mourning practice. Cardio scrimmage plyos and then a 1 hr of lifting after school 6 days a week. From 7-10 most days in the mourning and 4-5 plus film after. So working out a lot is not a problem. Would you recommend it?

  10. Josh /

    @Matt. What about a P90X/Insanity hybrid? If you’re already in good shape then you might want to think about that.

  11. Matt /

    Will that help me gain mass and get harder abs?

  12. Josh /

    @Matt. Will what help you gain mass? P90X? If you eat enough and make some adjustments, yes.

  13. Ankit /

    Hi Josh,

    I have added u as a coach in BeachBody, but I still didn’t have your email where i can discuss few things with you. Can you please help me on that.

  14. Josh /

    @Ankit. I just got your email and will get to it shortly.

  15. Nolan /

    Can you still do p90x without the weights?

  16. Josh /

    @Nolan. You can do it with resistance bands.

  17. Miketherider /

    Hey Josh. I have a question for you. Is it possible to do p90x on one day and insanity on the next or would it affect the performance of one type of workout?

  18. Josh /

    @Mike. Yeah man you could do a hybrid program! I’ve actually already got one here on the site. P90X Insanity Hybrid

    Also, if you haven’t done so already, maybe sure you follow me on Facebook! Just “Like” the page. I’m always posting great workout and diet tips!

  19. hey josh. I have been doin p90x with the bands for two months now and have seen great results but had to quit working out all together for about 2 months for personal reasons. Im getting back into it but was leaning toward insanity. Im very athletic and can do either one but i would like two build lean muscle and shed fat as fast as possible. i have about two months. Which would you recommend? Maybe the hybrid routine or a different workout like Asylum? put more calories and protein with less carbs in my diet??

  20. @Reed. Asylum has more resistance training than Insanity, so that might be a better route, but it’s not a ton. However, I’m a big believer in having a balance of cardio and resistance training, so maybe an Asylum/P90X hybrid? Also, yeah, if you’re looking to lean out, stick with higher protein than carbs, following a f/c/p of around 20/30/50 or even 20/40/40 if you’re in pretty good shape now. Also, have you made me your coach yet?

  21. Robert /

    I want to know which one i will i gain the most upper body muscle mass in. And whats the best protein? Should i use whey protein or should i try creatine?

  22. @Robert. If you’re looking to put on mass, P90X is much better than Insanity because of the resistance training. Insanity is mostly cardio. However, Body Beast is a mass gaining program, and definitely better for gaining mass than P90X. P90X is to mostly get you ripped. As far as protein, I use a Vegan Brown Rice protein because of the quality. If you’re looking to gain mass, both creatine and protein are great supplements to use.

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