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P90X Plus Review

p90x-plusI’ve been dusting off some of DVD’s that have been sitting on the shelf for a while, and yesterday I decided to bust out P90X Plus Total Body Plus. However, unlike the Tony Horton One on One DVD that I did yesterday, I have done this workout before, but it’s been almost a year and a half! The two P90X Plus workouts that I do quite often are Kenpo Cardio Plus and Interval X Plus. I don’t use the other workouts too often because I usually just follow the regular P90X resistance workouts. However, I had forgotten how great and intense the P90X Plus workouts really are!

P90X Plus Review

For those of you that don’t know, I went straight into P90X Plus after my first round of P90X. I followed the Plus program for a little over a month and then started adding in some resistance training from P90X along with it. It then became a hybrid P90X and P90X Plus workout, doing the P90X resistance workouts and P90X Plus cardios, which are Interval X Plus and Kenpo Cardio Plus. This is what my entire second round of the X consisted of since I was looking to put on some mass.

The two cardio workouts from P90X Plus are super intense, and two of my favorite workouts! Kenpo Cardio Plus is like Kenpo X, but about 10X more intense! It involves a lot of punching and kicking, but it really gets your feet moving as well. For me, regular Kenpo got too easy, and Kenpo Cardio Plus was a way for me to spice up the workout so to speak. Interval X Plus is a great workout that involves doing exercises at 3 different speeds: slow, medium, and fast. There have been studies that show that interval workouts help you burn more calories than steady cardio, such as running. There are two halves of Interval X Plus, and the second half is just the same as the first, but in reverse. By the end of both these workouts, if your shirt isn’t drenched then you did something wrong!

Total Body Plus, Upper Plus, and Abs/Core Plus are not only great resistance workouts, but I consider them cardio workouts as well because you get your heart pumping just as fast as you do with the cardios. The one I did yesterday, Total Body Plus, involves a little bit of everything, from pull-ups and push-ups all the way to Yoga. The thing about this workout, though, is that you are working numerous muscle groups at once from the unique design of each exercise. For example, there is one exercise towards the end of the workout where you do a spider man push-up on one leg, jump up, and then land in the spider man push-up position with the other leg. Yes, that means you have to land with one leg! Not only is it working your legs and chest, but also your entire core because of the balance position with the push-up! OUCH! The other resistance workout, Upper Plus, involves some very unique exercises, just like Total Body Plus, but focuses on just the upper body of course. You are going to be doing pull-ups and push-ups that will make you say, “Tony, how in the world did you come up with this?” They are crazy exercises, but they work! The last workout of the Plus series is Abs/Core Plus, and this has a unique combination of exercises that focus on the entire core, not just the abs. For example, there is one exercise that you hang from your pull-up bar and bring your knees up and over to the other side! TOUGH! Try adding in a medicine ball like I do for added resistance! 🙂

That’s my P90X Plus review! If you’re a P90X graduate and looking for another program to take your fitness to the next level, then I highly recommend P90X Plus! These workouts are very intense, will help you burn a ton of calories, and help you develop muscles you didn’t even know you had!

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  1. Adrian /

    so im on week one of p90x tomorow is yoga and ive seen the video already i feel like i dont need the yoga in my workouts and wondering if i could sub it for disk 1 chest and back again

  2. Josh /

    @Adrian. Yoga is one of the most beneficial workouts in the entire program, and something that I recommend that you do.

  3. Scale /

    yup…most folks hate the yoga but do it. You wont get the results and for me, i found that this was a key way to break up and allow the muscles to be worked in a different way. It allows for a strenous workout, yet a good stretch all in one. Its long…it seems boring….but it works.

  4. swilliam /

    I love the Yoga! I had it today and it is such an awesome workout! It really works on your weak spots just like Tony says.

  5. Hadden /

    Yoga X SMASHES me. But I love it!!! And I feel so much better for back and legs the next day.

  6. Hi has anyone used resistance bands for p90x plus pull ups?
    I have a hard time even with the chair. I am in my last week of p90x and am moving on to p90x plus I could use some imput!


  7. how many weeks do i need to do the P90x plus?

  8. @Hmata. Just follow what’s on the schedule.

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