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P90X Post Pregnancy

Let’s be honest here, most women hate looking in the mirror post-pregnancy, and when they do, they immediately want to do something about it! Losing the baby weight is something that most moms want to do as quickly as possible, but the problem is that many women just don’t know how to do it. They start searching the internet for all these fad diets, crazy exercise machines, but what they have to understand is that it’s going to take some patience, hard work, and commitment to a complete diet and exercise regimen, and what better than the best program on the market right now, P90X.

P90X post pregnancy is great, and is what I had Melinda do after she had our daughter Madison. During Melinda’s pregnancy, she wasn’t the healthiest of eaters, and she will even admit that. She loved her pizza, ice cream, burgers and fries, and was literally addicted to cherry Pop Tarts and orange juice! Apparently those were the foods that she craved, and believe me, I bought plenty of them! In fact, I think I had to pick up a new jug of juice and box of Pop Tarts every time I went to the store. Looking back, Melinda wishes she wouldn’t have eaten so poorly, and definitely won’t be doing that the next time we have a baby. She ended up gaining about 35 lbs during the pregnancy, and thought that some of it would have come off after she had Madison, but 6 weeks later she was still sitting at around the same weight, really not enjoying the way she looked or felt. That’s when she came to me, and I recommended that she follow a complete program like P90X to get her back into shape.

Understand that P90X is a VERY intense program, especially after going through pregnancy and not exercising too much for 9 months, so we had to make sure it was OK with her doctor before she started. After she was cleared, she began the program, and it was a rude awakening for her because she had never gone through an intense program like that before. She barely made it through the first Chest & Back workout, but she kept pushing along. The toughest part for her was definitely committing to the diet, and she struggled quite a bit for her first round or so, and she didn’t really “get it” until she decided to do Insanity a few months later. After going through P90X and Insanity, she ended up losing all of her baby weight, and was literally in the best shape of her life.

Now you might be wondering if P90X is too intense for you. It might be, all depending on how out of shape you really are. Some women take good care of themselves during pregnancy and working out after pregnancy isn’t so tough, but the majority of women might have gained a little more weight than they would have liked and might not be in good enough shape to do P90X. If that’s the case, there are other post-pregnancy workouts that I recommend, ones that aren’t as intense like Slim in 6, Turbo Jam, or even Hip Hop Abs. The key with all of these programs and really the key to post pregnancy weight loss is committing to the diet that comes along with them. Without a healthy diet, you’re never going to experience the post baby weight loss that you expect.

Now you know of some ways that you can lose weight after pregnancy, including doing P90X. Melinda did P90X post pregnancy and had great results, and now that she’s a full time Beachbody coach, she can help you get great results as well. To make Melinda your coach, click here!

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  1. Danielle /

    You are amazing. Not many people can do what you did. You are an inspiration to many women.

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