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P90X Review: Day 2 Round ?

p90x reviewAs you saw from the title, I’m on Day 2 of round something. I’ve been doing P90X for almost 3 years now, and to be honest, I have completely lost track of how many P90X rounds I’ve done! I’ve gone through the P90X Classic version as well as the P90X Doubles version, but right now I’m going through another round of P90X Classic. Instead of doing the regular P90X cardio workouts, though, I’ve decided to substitute them for something a little more intense, P90X Plus and the One on One cardio workouts. So yesterday was Day 2 and I did P90X Plus Interval X Plus, and holy cow, what a work out! It seems like I have quite a few Day 2 P90X Reviews, and here’s yet another one!

P90X Review: Day 2

I’ve been staying completely clean with the P90X diet, and following it as closely as possible. Yesterday when I woke up I had 5 egg whites and 1 whole egg scrambled, half of a whole wheat bagel with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, and coffee. Usually I eat a whole bagel, but since I’m in cut mode again, I ate just a half to lower my carbs. About 2 hours later I had my first snack, 5 almonds, and then had my lunch shortly thereafter. I ended up eating a turkey salad with low-fat dressing, along with a chocolate shakeology blended with water, ice, and whey protein, a great Shakeology recipe. It was an awesome lunch and kept me full for a good 3-4 hours! I’m not going to go into detail about Shakeology right now, but you can check out my Shakeology Review to learn more.

At around 5:40 PM I went ahead and took my pre-workout supplement that I’m using right now, NO-Explode, and started my workout shortly after 6:00 PM. Like I mentioned above, the workout that I did yesterday was Interval X Plus, and it was intense! For some reason my apartment is always cold, and I’ve been having a hard time warming up, so I decided to wear my Under Armour Cold Gear long sleeve shirt along with a hoodie over top. It wasn’t long before I started sweating! NO-Explode is a decent pre-workout supplement, but the one thing that I have been noticing lately while using it is that the initial rush doesn’t last nearly as long as with Jack3d or 1.M.R. About halfway through the HIIT workout I hit a wall. I was exhausted, but really pushed myself so that I could complete the workout. After I was done, my shirt was drenched, and I went ahead and took my post-workout supplement. 2 days down, 88 more to go! BRING IT!

If you’re not doing P90X yet, what are you waiting for? The program has literally changed my life, and it has for many others as well. If you haven’t purchased P90X yet, check out my P90X Review.


  1. josh, im on day 3. I did a round last year and went from 218 to 160. i was ripped but people told me i looked to skinny. I listened to them and lost track of my goals. I started eating bad food to put on wieght and developed bad eating habits again. I have a gut again, cant wait to shred back up and gain mass the right way this time. Stay with your goals everybody!

  2. Brent /

    Hey Josh!! I’m 2 days away from finishing my first round of P90X and I’m so excited!!! i am gonna start round two very soon. My question is, what should i do after my last day of round 1?? Should I go into round 2 straight away, take a few days off, or do the recovery week and then continue with round two?

  3. Josh /

    @Brent. Hey bro! I would take a few days rest and let your body heal before jumping into the next round. Also, am I your coach? If not, make sure you make me your coach and I can help you through your second round of the program. Here’s the link!

  4. Brent /

    Awesome!! Just made you my coach. I can’t wait to destroy the second round of this thing!!!

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