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P90X Reviews

You all have heard many times from me that P90X really works! However, I’m not the only one who feels that P90X is one of the best workout programs out there! Here are some other P90X reviews below.. 

P90X Review: Andy– “A few years ago I found myself 190 lbs, overweight, and very out of shape.  I saw the P90x infomercial (the ORIGINAL one) and, at the time, I had a very time consuming job, and the closest gym 30 miles from my house, so I gave it a try.  25 lbs later I was a believer!  One of the best aspects of the program, is that it covers pretty much every proven technique in fitness, i.e. – interval training, super slow reps, static holds, progressive overload, body weight and heavy weight training, it also mixes it up so that there is no possible way to get bored. (muscle confusion)   I eventually joined the gym after my 90 days, this was 3 years ago, and my physical condition actually deteriorated. I made the decision on 11/9/09 to get back on the program, and I am already seeing the results I want!  The diet program that comes with P90x is also very informative and again, covers everything time tested and proven to work, calorie manipulation, carb cycling, portion control, small meals every few hours -vs.- the 3 square meals a day, and you can tailor this program for your goals, be them bodybuilding or body toning, slimming or bulking.  In a nutshell, it has everything you could ever need, to make a serious change in your physique.”

P90X Review:Rush– “I am Rush and I am 16 and a sophomore in High School.  I am currently in my 4th round of P90X, and it has done wonders for me.  I have always been fit and cared about being healthy (I had abs before P90X), but P90X brought my fitness to a new level.  My strength has significantly increased, when I started I could do 6 pull ups, know I can do 16!  My core has gotten a lot stronger as well, and P9X overall has helped me a lot with Cross Country and Track, which I have done since 7th grade.   I can defiantly say that I am in better overall shape than any of my friends.  I have a few that are faster sprinters than me and stronger, but they could never outdo me in a strength/endurance or core workout!”

P90X Review: Erik– “P90X is crazy awesome. This workout has the type of exercises and routines that really do give you a good look. This is the only time that my entire body has transformed during a workout and has actually taught me the right way to exercise and also eat properly. I have worked out and got some results before but the end result was always me giving up and months later I found myself heavier than I was before and frustrated. This really is a sustainable work and lifestyle that brings great results.”


  1. Josh, did u do the ab ripper x part after every body exercise and if not when would you do the ab ripper x?

  2. After each resistance workout.

  3. Im starting P90X this monday…wish me luck…

  4. Haha good luck man! BRING IT!

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