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P90X Update

As most of you already know, I started another round of P90X last week in order to get into shape from the lack of exercise during the 2 months’ rest from the injury. I’m currently on Day 9 Plyometrics and already noticing some extreme results. Now, you have to realize that because I have been through so many rounds of P90X and have already gotten into excellent shape, my body responds much quicker than someone who is just starting the program for the first time. That’s the joys of muscle memory!

The first thing I want to say is that there hasn’t been a day yet that I haven’t been sore. In fact, my legs and rear still hurt like heck from the Legs & Back workout I did last Friday! I have really been pushing myself during the workouts, and have noticed a great increase in energy from the last round, and that’s because of a couple of reasons. For one, I started taking creatine monohydrate for the first time during my P90X journey. I used to take it back in college, but haven’t taken it since, until now that is. Second, thank you Jack3d! Holy cow is this supplement great! Now that I know when to take it (no later than 2 PM), I can have that extra boost for the my workouts and still be able to sleep that night. I take 2 scoops about 35 minutes before my workout. Even though I’d like to wait until Day 30 to tell you my exact numbers, I’ll give you a few right now..

Day 1

  • Weight- 172lbs
  • Biceps- 14.5 in.

Day 9

  • Weight- 168lbs
  • Biceps- 15.25 in.

More updates coming soon!


  1. Don’t you work out later than 2 p.m? Does it last a long time once you take it is that why you can take it so early?

    Great Job by the way!

  2. Thats some good results already!!

    Are you doing the standard P90X workout and diet plan, or have you made any changes to either?

  3. Braiden /

    How would you compare Jack3d to something like NO-Explode or Superpump250. I like NO it works awesome but it tastes awful and i get addicted to it. I couldnt workout without it. im off now and skeptical to start something new.

  4. If I’m going to take Jack3d then there is no way I can workout later than 2 or else I won’t be able to sleep that night.

  5. I’m doing the regular workouts, but my own diet that involves carb cycling in order to get me back to where I was pre injury.

  6. Jack3d is much better than NO-Explode, but I have never tried Superpump250 so I wouldn’t know about that. And just to warn you, Jack3d tastes much worse than NOX.

  7. Braiden /

    Well i found where to buy it, but one question i have is it includes Creatine monohydrate, i already take a seperate creatine should i be weary of taking so much creatine? or should i discontinue my other one?

  8. There is a small amount of creatine in Jack3d, but I still take my monohydrate powder along with it.

  9. Shivan /

    Hello Josh. I’ve sended to you email. to
    But never get back answer?

  10. You’re email probably got mixed up with the others, which happens from time to time. However, if it was a long email and you are not from the US or Canada, then it has to be on the backburner while I answer the people I coach first.

  11. calvin /

    i just got my p90x dvds 4rm a friend who bought it but never used the program so i dont have the nutrition guide or anything like that…well to make a long story short…im a 17 yr. ols 6’1 170lb male my new year reseloution is to get in shape be for my bday n june and would like ANY/EVERYONES support out there to push myself to complete this program my email is if any1 wants to get in touch

  12. Hi Josh. Are you going to do P90X Plus when you’re done with P90x?

    Awesome blog!

  13. You can keep in touch with me through here. Also, go ahead and make me your coach.

  14. Haha I’ve already gone through P90X Plus and am on something like the 6th round of P90X. I’ve even been adding in some of the One on One DVD’s as well.

  15. Hey Josh! Did you know you were on TV? I seen your pics on the latest P90X informercial. Even more proof that hard work pays off.

  16. Getting ready to start a 2nd round of p90x classic. I thought about doing doubles but not sure if it’s too much. I’m @ 11.5 % BF. I tryed it for a week while I was maintening and found it difficult. Should I stick with Classic?

  17. Hi Josh,

    Do you think I could get down to 6 or 7 % BF the 2nd time of doing p90x. I’m currently @ 11.5% BF.

  18. Hey Jenn! Haha I did know I was on TV! How are you feeling? Baby ready to come out yet?

  19. If you have already gone through a round of the X, then you should be ready for Doubles. Just make sure you focus on proper pre and post workout recovery and nutrition. If you find it’s too demanding, then switch back to Classic.

  20. If you can commit yourself 110% to the workouts and diet, then yes, it’s very possible.

  21. Josh,

    Thank you very much for that info. You’ve mentioned in the other article that when doing doubles, you can do them directly after the resistance workout. The schedule for doubles shows Cardio X in the morning.The part that I found difficult was getting up 5 AM and doing Cardio X. I could also see how easy it would be to over train from doing doubles.

  22. It’s better to do the resistance workouts first, and then the cardios. Do the resistance workouts in the morning and then the cardios in the afternoon or evening.

  23. Just finished the P90X workout with absolutely NO RESULTS…and this included my regular exercise routine of three nights a week(did P90 in the a.m.}! I admit I did not follow the nutrition guide since I don’t “snack” that much anyway, or drink sodas. I have always worked out, aerobic, jogging, running, etc…did 2 marathons this year, full marathons 26.2 miles. I’m now going through another 90 day phase. I just can’t believe as much as I work out that what I eat makes that much of a difference. What do you all think?

  24. I meant 2 marathons in 2009!!

  25. Diet is 80% of the program and if you don’t follow it you won’t see results. If you struggle that much with the diet, look into purchasing the Club Membership, which creates Meal Plans for you.

  26. Doing doubles p90x and have been doing cardio x in the mornings.. do u think if i did it in the evenings like u suggest after resistance training that i would burn the same amount of calories as if i did it in the morning?

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