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P90X Insanity Hybrid

About a month ago I decided to go through my first round of the Insanity workout program. I wanted to follow the program exactly how it was designed, not doing any resistance training, just to see how my body would respond. It reacted how I thought, and I started to lose a little bit of muscle mass from all the cardio training and burning so many calories. At that point, I decided that it was time to start adding back in the P90X workouts. So, for the past few weeks, including while I was on vacation, I decided to put together a P90X Insanity Hybrid workout that I’m going to share with you all.

P90X Insanity Hybrid

Weeks 1-3

  • Monday- Chest & Back, Ab Ripper X
  • Tuesday- Plyometric Cardio Circuit
  • Wednesday- Shoulders & Arms, Ab Ripper X
  • Thursday- Pure Cardio
  • Friday- Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X
  • Saturday- Yoga X
  • Sunday- Cardio Power & Resistance

Week 4– Recovery Week

  • Monday- Cardio Recovery
  • Tuesday- Core Synergistics
  • Wednesday- Yoga X
  • Thursday- Core Cardio & Balance
  • Friday- Kenpo X
  • Saturday- Stretch X
  • Sunday- Ab Ripper X

Weeks 5-8

  • Monday- Chest, Shoulders, & Tris, Cardio Abs
  • Tuesday- Max Interval Plyo
  • Wednesday- Back & Biceps, Cardio Abs
  • Thursday- Max Interval Circuit
  • Friday- Legs & Back
  • Saturday- Max Recovery

Week 9– Recovery Week (Same as above)

Weeks 10-12

  • Monday- Chest & Back, Ab Ripper X
  • Tuesday- Max Cardio Conditioning
  • Wednesday- Shoulders & Arms, Cardio Abs
  • Thursday- Max Interval Circuit
  • Friday- Legs & Back, Ab Ripper X
  • Saturday- Max Recovery
  • Sunday- Yoga X

Week 13– Recovery Week (Same as above)

There are so many different ways that you can put together a P90X Insanity Hybrid workout, and above is just one of them. Feel free to be creative and create your own!

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  1. Tizne /

    So would this work better to get ripped either than doing p90x or insanity alone? Weeks 4 & 9 are the same, right?
    Can you recommend any fat burners? or Should I not take any fat burners at all?

    – You put Week 10 instead of Week 13 at the last week 😛

  2. Awsome Schedule Josh, How much fat did u lose during the rnd of insanity?

  3. and any clue on when the next P90X SERIES is coming out?

  4. Dave C /

    My friend just gave me Insanity today and I was trying to figure out how to mix it in. Good timing on the post! How does the Plyometric Cardio Circuit and Pure Cardio compare to Plyo X? Pretty same intensity?

  5. Manos /

    Thanks for this Josh! Is it ok to do this schedule and follow the p90x nutrition phase 3?

  6. Tasos /

    Nice post josh but I have some questions!

    @ Day one you work chest-back and abs but chest and abs are also worked at day 2 in plyometric cardio circuit with the level 1 drills and Ski Abs.

    So wouldn’t this be harmful for the muscles?

  7. Josh /

    @Tasos. The exercises in Plyometric Cardio Circuit work those areas slightly, but are more cardio exercises than resistance. It’s not going to effect those muscle groups negatively.

  8. Josh /

    @Manos. Yeah man, that’s fine.

  9. Josh /

    @Dave. Plyo Cardio Circuit and Pure Cardio are probably 10X more intense than Plyo X! Just be ready!

  10. Josh /

    @GD. Haven’t heard anything more yet. I will let you all know once I hear something.

  11. Josh /

    @GD. I haven’t even been measuring the amount of fat loss, mostly because I’m already very low. I’m already in excellent shape and just looking to mix up my workouts a bit, so that’s why I’ve added in some Insanity. However, I have seen drastic improvements in my legs from Insanity.

  12. Josh /

    @Tizne. If you’re not in great shape, then you need to start off with P90X. Once you complete P90X, then you can put together a hybrid workout. Also, I don’t recommend fat burners.

  13. Tizne /

    @Josh. I’ve been working out this senior year in my weight training class we were doing Speed Strength Training but I didn’t get the results I wished for, so now I’m turning to BeachBody for help. Do you think this hybrid can get me better results than p90x alone though?

  14. Josh /

    @Tizne. The hybrid is much more intense than regular P90X because of the added Insanity cardio workouts. Make sure you follow either the P90X Nutrition Guide or Insanity Nutrition Guide though, which is the most important part of the program.

    Also, if you purchase any program from this site, I will become your coach and be here to help you through the program.

  15. Michael /

    Hey Coach, I’m going to do this insanity/p90x hybrid and i had a few questions. I’m 5’9 and weigh 165 lbs and I want to lose weight.

    First- How many calories should I be taking in?
    Second- Which f/c/p ratio should i be following?

    Thanks a lot.

  16. Josh /

    @Michael. Take in around 2,200-2,300 cals per day. Also, follow a fat/carb/protein % of 20/40/40.

  17. Mitchell /

    So you’re saying the insanity workout and the P90x workout will get you ripped and muscle mass?

  18. Josh /

    @Mitchell. I’ve been mixing the two together and have been able to maintain muscle mass and get ripped.

  19. mikey /

    hey josh i’ve completed p90x and my friend gave me insanity to try. i dont wanna stop lifting weights cause even before p90x i was in shape and lifted weights regularly. i wanted to try doing a doubles p90x/insanity hybrid style workout. so i was wondering if you could come up with a workout program for me that incorporated them. thanks

  20. Josh /

    @Mikey. That’s something I just don’t have the time to do. What you could do is just add in Cardio X or Pure Cardio on the lifting days if you want to do Doubles.

  21. Mike /

    Hey Josh, I am doing the P90x resistance/ Insanity Cardio hybrid and I wanted to lose weight rather quickly. What f/c/p ratio should I do if i want to shed the fat faster?

  22. Josh /

    @Mike. You can follow the Phase 1 diet of the P90X Nutrition Guide. However, if you start having a lack of energy throughout the day, move to Phase 2.

  23. Hello coach. i’m doing the p90x/insanity hybrid and i was wondering about how many calories i should be taking in for this situation. so i’m 5’9 and 162.5 lbs.
    I want to lose weight. I’m doing the p90x resistance or insanity cardio (depending on the day) and then later I will play tennis for an hour or play basketball for 2 hours. So my question is how many calories should i be taking in if again i’m 5’9 and 162.5 lbs.?

    I was wondering what the calories would be with the p90x resistance as well as with the insanity cardio. thanks.

  24. @John. You should be taking in around 2,300-2,400 cals per day.

  25. Alberto De Andrade /

    Hi Coach, it’s me again.

    It’s bad for me to do all the insanity and p90x Workout at the same day? I Do Insanity in the AM and P90X in the PM. But i dont know if its gonna stop my muscles recover properly or its gonna make them stop growing.

    Thanks for the help.

  26. @Alberto. With you doing so much exercising, it’s going to limit your muscle growth. I recommend one workout per day.

  27. Nice!!! Thanks for the info and Beachbody reply to this link!!! I’ll give this a go in a few weeks as I wrap up P90X…

  28. Andrew /

    i did p90x and insanity at the same time about a year ago and had great results. i went from 0 pullups to around 15 in acouple months. now im out of shape and i leave for marines boot camp in 2 months. i like this schedule and think im going to try it out, but id like to do insanity everyday and do the upper body p90x workouts every other day. also ive been doing chest and back then shoulders and arms back to back on the upper body days. am i over doin it or will this get me in good shape for boot camp?

  29. @Andrew. It will get you into shape, but you can easily over train. If you’re going to do 2 workouts in a day, make sure you make the proper adjustments to your diet and supplements.

  30. Andrew /

    thanks. il make sure to do that. i was also wondering, ive been taking whey protein for a year now but ive never really been sure how to use it properly. il usually have 27g of protein before workout, then again in the middle of a 3-4 hour workout, and one more at the end. is there a better way? am i taking too much?

  31. @Andrew. You’re working out too much. 3-4 hours is a bit over the top and you can easily injure yourself or over-train. Anyways, follow the instructions on the jug for when to take the whey protein.

  32. Hey Josh. Do you see a problem with over training your chest and shoulders by doing Max Interval Plyo after Chest/Shoulders/Tris?


  33. @Tim. That’s a lot of working out bro. I would not put such intense workouts back to back.

  34. @Josh. Hey Josh, I meant doing Max Plyo the next day as your Phase 2 suggests. That’s what my current hybrid is and just looking for your feedback. Thanks for all your help!

  35. @Tim. OK, I’m confused. It’s so hard for me to remember what you were talking about because of the amount of comments/messages I get every day.

  36. Kjetil /

    so if i want to do this hybrid then wich nutrition diet should i follow when im locking to lose bodyfat and wheight?

  37. @Kjetil. That’s up to you really. Personally, I feel the P90X Nutrition Guide is the best.

  38. David /

    If I stick to 8-10 reps and a 3000 calorie diet can i gain mass with this program but keep the fat off.

  39. @David. It all depends on how your body responds. You might have to make adjustments where necessary to find a diet that works best for you.

  40. David /

    Could I do cardio abs monday and fiday and insane abs on wensday. Is this to much ab workouts.

  41. Josh /

    @David. There is nothing wrong with working the abs every other day.

  42. COACH Josh,

    If you go on a surplus, can you gain muscle mass with this hybrid???

    tx in adavance

  43. @Matt. Possibly, but you’re still doing a lot of cardio. Tough to gain mass with a ton of cardio.

  44. Ty for the reply Coach Josh.

    Would it be more possible, if following the same schedule doing cardio Only on tuesdays and thrusdays- interchaning between Insanity’s plyo,interval circuit,sports conditioning & max cardio, and then doing yogaX on Saturday. So only 2 days of cardio during the week and Yoga X on Saturday with Sunday being a rest day??

    Tx again in advance

  45. @Matt. Yeah, I think that might work.

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