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P90X:MC2 Review

Last weekend I was in Dallas for the Beachbody Success Club Leadership Event, and one of the things that we got to experience was a sneak preview of the new P90X:MC2 workout, lead by Mr. P90X himself, Tony Horton! First off, let me start by saying that there is nothing better than getting a chance to work out with “the man.” He has a way of getting people pumped up to work out, regardless if it’s just 50 degrees and still dark outside! Yeah, our group workout was at 7 AM. It was cold, but once Mr. Horton got us warmed up, the sweat started to flow!

My P90X:MC2 Review

The workout was crazy. Period. The ab exercises were so tough that not even I could make it through some of the them without pausing. The one that sticks out in my mind the most was a Fifer Scissor Twist move, and it just flat out burned! It was like the Fifer Scissor move from P90X, but your right elbow has to go to your left knee, hold, and then you switch to the other side, all without your head or legs hitting the ground. Crazy stuff! The push-up moves that we did were pretty interesting as well, and really involved the core. There was one move where you did a push-up, moved to a balance side posture, lifted your leg, and then did a crunch. You repeated this for 30 reps. The last few exercises that stick out in my mind were ones that were a mix of something you would see from P90X Kenpo and P90X Plus Kenpo Cardio Plus. They were more intense than the regular Kenpo and pretty dang fun!

I think that everyone is going to absolutely love the new P90X:MC2 program when it eventually does hit the market! I’ll keep you all updated if I hear any more about the release date.


  1. Any idea when the program will be released? Also were the ab moves similar to ARX-2 from p90x one on one series?

  2. @Jason. They told us that it will be sometime next year, probably around October. Also, I haven’t done the One on One abs workout yet, so I don’t know if it’s similar or not.

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