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P90X/TurboFire Hybrid -Day 4-

For those of you who don’t know, Melinda and I started a P90X/TurboFire Hybrid workout 4 days ago. Today we did TurboFire HIIT 20 along with some Ab Ripper X. We were just kind of doing our own thing with the workouts for the past few months and wanted to do something more organized, so that’s why we’ve decided to commit to the hybrid workout. Below is my Day 4 P90X/TurboFire Hybrid Review.

Today we did TurboFire HIIT 20 along with P90X Ab Ripper X. I’ve never done HIIT 20 before, and was pretty surprised with the intensity of the workout. There is a lot of jumping around, and I got my heart rate up there quite a bit during some of the exercises, and really felt like I got in a good cardio. The only thing that I didn’t necessarily like about the workout was how short it was. It felt like it was only like 20 minutes or so, so we decided to backtrack and do some of the exercise series again.

Once we got done with the TurboFire workout, we went right into P90X Ab Ripper X. It’s been quite a while since I’ve done Ab Ripper X because I’ve been doing my own thing, and couldn’t believe how tough it was! It felt like I hadn’t done ARX in a year! I have to be honest with you all, and even I had to take a break or two, which I haven’t needed to do in a long while. However, I’m in super cut mode right now getting prepared for an upcoming event, which means that I’m taking in barely any carbs, probably having something to do with my lack of energy. My muscles were completely depleted of glycogen. However, I made it through and got in an excellent ab workout. Below is the video from our experience today.

We would love for anyone to join us on this round! If you would like to stay on schedule with us, either email Melinda or I or send us a message on Facebook.


  1. jstnthrguy /

    Holy Cow you guys move fast!!! 😀 Keep up the good work and I would love to join you but i’m doing the X by itself for the first time and i LOVE it.

    And on a related note, i have a cupla ppl wanting to buy the X just from my recommendation. SHAAAZAAAM

  2. @jstnthrguy. Haha we push ourselves! Also, thanks for the recommendations! We appreciate it.

  3. Where are your shoes? Does Turbo Fire recommend working out so vigorously without them or is this your own preference? I gotta say, it looks like a lot of fun and very fast paced. I can see why you say the time flies when you do this workout. I read a review that said Turbo Fire is very dancy and it takes a few times to learn it. I cannot STAND dancy workouts but watching you work out and also the previews on the Beach Body website, it doesn’t look dancy to me. I have P90X and have been incorporating it with non-Beach Body workouts and getting good results as well. I enjoy reading your posts.

  4. @Linda. I’m not a big fan of wearing shoes when I work out. TurboFire has some great music, making it easy for you to do the moves with the beat, so it’s sort of like dancing, but it’s a lot like Insanity as well.

  5. jorge /

    hey josh i need your help
    im doing an insanity hybrid with p90x
    i took off legs and back since in insanity they already work on that.
    but i added to lifting days as well.
    i was wondering since in insanity theres alot of pushups if i can take out chest an back and replace that workout with the other insanity workouts,
    is this a good idea?

  6. @Jorge. Insanity doesn’t really have good resistance workouts, even the ones with the push-ups, and I recommend just sticking with the P90X workouts when you’re doing a resistance workout.

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