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PX90 or P90X

P90X ImageIt doesn’t matter if you call it PX90 or P90X, they are both the same super intense program that will get you RIPPED in 90 days! It just so happens that a lot of people call it PX90, which is just fine, but the real name for it is P90X. Here is my PX90 or P90X review.

A little over a year and a half ago I was sitting in front of the television late at night, probably eating ice cream with that oh so awesome chocolate hard shell, which is beyond the point, but  a PX90 commercial came on. At that point I was searching for something to get me back into shape after I became a little tubbo from my great new desk job right out of college. Sense a little sarcasm there? Anyways, the PX90 or P90X commercial came on, and something about this caught my eye. For one, I noticed that the guys in the video were sweating, and I know that sweating shows that hard work is involved, which is exactly what I was looking for. I also picked up something about “muscle confusion,” which gets you beyond a plateau, something I’ve experienced for many years from traditional weight lifting in the gym. I was sold after seeing the amazing before and after photos online and ordered the program.

I received PX90 about 5 days later and literally popped it in the DVD player as soon as it arrived. I knew it was coming that day so I prepared myself to experience the intense Chest & Back routine. This workout, full of non-stop unique push-ups and pull-ups, kicked my rear in every sense possible. I literally laid sprawled out on the floor for at least 10 minutes after I finished.

The first few weeks were super tough. I remember being so sore that it hurt to walk, eat, sleep, well anything for that matter. However, even though I was sore, I felt great because I knew that I was making great changes to my body. I saw about a 8 lbs loss is 2 weeks, and started seeing changes take place in the mirror. The more changes I noticed, the more motivated I was to continue. When my day 90 arrived, I had lost 25 lbs and almost 10% body fat, and was literally in the best shape I had ever been in! Beachbody recognized my excellent transformation and made me the January 2009 Million Dollar Body Contest $1,000 Winner!

So if you’re asking, “Should I buy P90X?” or “Is P90X worth it?” then there is no doubt in my mind that the answer to both is YES! PX90 is perfectly designed for all types of people: from people looking to lose weight to people looking to gain mass. Whatever your goals, it’s possible with P90X! If you are ready to take the next step in your fitness and want to get completely ripped, this home DVD workout system is what you need. It worked for me, and it can for you as well!

Try P90X today by clicking below!!

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  1. Andrew /

    so i started p90x today with a friend. ive been doing just random p90 videos just getting used to the program for the past month or two only every once in a while. well anyways today we did chest and back at 830 in the morning. im used to waking up at 2ish. it was hell. i puked. what would you recomend about morning workouts? should i eat before or after? and should i run before or after p90x?

  2. I don’t recommend eating before the workout unless you’re going to have around an hour or so for the food to digest. The most important thing is to eat breakfast afterwards. I don’t recommend any extra running with p90X unless you’re trying to lose a lot of weight, and not focused at all on gaining muscle. If you’re going to run, do it after your P90X workout.

  3. after i finish the classic p90x should i buy the one on one dvds or continue with doubles for the second ninety days and should i replace kenpo with like plyo because it is not much of a challenge for me

  4. Andrew /

    the last couple of days ive been doing p90x then run then on lifting days i jump rope and bench press a light weight back and forth until im wasted. on cardio days i do the same without the bench press. any tips to how to improve my workout? when should i use my recovery drink?

  5. You can do either or, or you could purchase Insanity or P90X Plus, which will both take you to the next level.

  6. You should always push yourself till failure with every exercise that you do. Also, take the Recovery Formula directly follow each workout.

  7. I’m on phase three of P90x but I had to stop for now because I have some sort of flu/fever. but when I was doing it I didn’t notice any huge differences. I’m 15 and haven’t really hit puberty yet, is that the reason that I still have my beer belly? haha

  8. More and likely the reason you haven’t noticed changes is because of your diet.

  9. i am getting the p90x plus…should i continue with p90x and just add those 2 my workout and my second question is should i do cardio every morning or every other

  10. Really that’s up to you. You can mix together the Plus and the Classic, which is what I did, or you can just do the Plus. What I did was do the Classic resistance workouts and the Plus cardios. Also, if you’re looking to gain some mass, then doing cardio every day won’t be beneficial. You actually have to limit the cardio to gain some muscle.

  11. What was your rule for being ill and working out i.e taking the day off, light work out etc.

    Also what were your fit test results for day 1,90,180,270,360 etc?

    And my final question i think i have plateaued with the entire chest and back workout (mostly due to lack of weights, 2-21kg)But the push ups and pull ups keep either lowering or staying the same, im 14 but i’ve sorted by nutrition so that isnt a problem.


  12. sorry to add to the above question, im in week 11 and am wondering how to gain mass like yourself, how did you do it? Did you put in different workouts? And whats your opinion of a p90x/insanity hybrid?

    Thanks again

  13. I don’t have all the stats with me right now, but here are a few:

    Weight: Day 1- 177 lbs, Day 90- 154 lbs
    Biceps: Day 1- 13.5 in., Day 90- 15.5 in.
    Waist: Day 1- 33 in., Day 90- 31 in.
    Regular Push-ups: Day 1- 38, Day 90- 75
    Wide Grip Pull-Ups: Day 1- 5, Day 90- 22

    Also, it’s pretty hard to plateau with chest and back because you are always pushing yourself until failure. That is one of the only workouts that I still get a little sore because I’m always pushing myself for more reps. And you can find information about what I did to gain mass in the “My Diet” and “Workouts” section of this site.

  14. when you did the classic and plus mixed did you do interval x and kenpo cardio plus all the way through the second 90 days?

  15. Yeah I actually did. I substituted each P90X Cardio with the Plus cardios.

  16. hey Josh, awesome blog!
    you said to push yourself until failure every time. Does that mean not pacing myself for the first round of the workout? I usually don’t max out early on in the workout. And does that apply for every resistance workout?


  17. I am the type of person who pushes myself during the entire workout, not just the second half. I know Tony mentions in Chest & Back to not go all out during the first round, but I go ahead and do so anyways. And yeah, it applies for every resistance workout.

  18. Hey josh, so my friend bought this P90X and he gave it to me .. Is there anything that i need that comes when I buy p90x? like a workout plan?

  19. You will need the pull-up bar and either dumbbells or resistance bands. You can buy the bar and bands on this site. Also, check out the “Q&A” section for some helpful tips when first starting.

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