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Simon’s P90X and Asylum Results

Name: Simon

Programs: P90X, Insanity Asylum

Simon’s P90X Transformation Story

“Back in 2007 I was in good shape, I was the kind of guy who lifted weights 5 times a week but always the same routine and never really stuck to any nutrition plan, so while I wasn’t fat, I was far from ripped.

Then in March 2008 I got my first proper job in an office and things went downhill from there. I stopped working out because I didn’t have the time, I was too tired, no energy *insert any old excuse here*. Then over a year later in June 2009 I decided I was going to get into shape. A few years earlier a good friend of mine from Canada told me he’d been doing P90X, however at the time it wasn’t available in the UK, but I looked it up again and I could now get it. When it arrived I was excited and motivated, pushed play every day for about 5 weeks and then decided that I didn’t have enough time, boom, another excuse and once again I stopped working out.

In September 2009 I went through a bad break up with my girlfriend of 2 years, it pretty much destroyed me and lead me on a binge eating mission. My average day of eating looked like this:

No breakfast, massive lunch of fried chicken, whole tub of pringles or big bag of Doritos, chocolate and a can or 2 of pepsi. During the afternoon I would snack on more crisps, biscuits or whatever I could lay my hands on. My evening meal would normally be pizza which would happen 3 time a week or massive bowls of pasta/Currys and Chinese takeaways.

Repeat this for nearly 9 months and you can see what happened to me, my asthma was worst than ever and I was having heart palpitations just sitting at my desk!!

At the start of October 2010 I took part in a Mens Health race called Survival of the fittest, this is a 12km run with an obstacle course every other km. I did it in 1hr 26 minutes, not bad for a guy out of shape with asthma.

A couple of days later I rolled over in bed and looked down at my stomach, then sat up and looked in the mirror. It wasn’t until this moment that I realised how out of shape I had let myself get, I was not happy and I hadn’t been for a long time. I decided that this time I needed to do P90X properly and sort out my nutrition. I found Coach Josh via a random google search of P90X nutrition and his website helped me sort out my meal plans.

I did 70 days of P90X pushing myself hard, I lost weight and was starting to look good, which is when Christmas rolled around and I fell off. I tried several times over January to get back into it but couldn’t. I was then given Insanity for my birthday and hit that hard for a week and a half but ONCE AGAIN, I fell off! I just couldn’t keep myself motivated, it was so frustrating!

Then randomly in April of 2011 I decided to do my workouts in the morning and this is when it started to happen for me. I completed Insanity, I then did a hybrid of P90X and Insanity, I was feeling amazingly fit and better than ever, however, I still was not committing 100% to the nutrition. I knew if I wanted real results I needed to.

On the recommendation of a friend I found an amazing lady in the US named Shannon who would sell me Shakeology (I’m now on my 3rd bag and love it!) and also allowed me to buy Insanity the Asylum. I stuck to the nutrition, I pushed myself hard for 30 days and I got awesome results! I finally have a body I’m happy with!

However, this is not the end of my journey. I have my fitness goals laid out until May of next year, P90X2 is on that list!

I’ve also set myself the big goal of working out at a Shaun T Insanity seminar within the next 2 years, I really want that to happen!!

My results did not come straight away but I stuck with it and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. Apologies if I’ve waffled, however I’m really hoping that I’ve inspired some people with my story. A big thank you to everyone who believed in me and a massive thank you to those who didn’t, you just pushed me even harder to get where I wanted!

Also big thanks to my Mum (for putting up with my crazy new healthy lifestyle), Shaun T, Tony Horton, Coach Josh, Coach Wayne, my Shakeology girl Shannon and everyone on the Facebook group “Is anyone in the UK doing P90X?”, we really need to find a better name for that group! :)”

– Simon


  1. Simon! Nice represent from the UK, man.

  2. Selina Southan /

    Well done Simon! You’ve done so well! You can really see the difference in your before and after pics, the main being that you look so much happier! Great job!
    I’m starting the Asylum today, so will no doubt be posting in the group about it 😉

    Brilliant Inspiration!

  3. Dan Price /

    keep it up… I just finished asylum in 40 days… toughest thing ever…now doing asylum/p90 combo. i was skeptical at first since I thought my strenght decreased form taking time off p90. pullups were not as good, but everyting else was flawless and the form was money$$$$ Any tips on cutting weight… right now I am floating between 170-175 on a daily basis… can’t seem to get over the hump and make some serious changes to the core? what to do? Cardio days?

  4. Josh /

    @Dan. It’s got everything to do with your diet bro! Are you eating 100% clean?

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