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Steven’s P90X Results

Name: Steven W.

Program: P90X

Steven’s P90X Results Story

“February of 2010 I had ACL and MCL repair surgery. I was in physical therapy for a total of 3-4 months after a friend of mine suggested that I start P90X to start building my leg strength back up. I started my first round of P90X in June 2010. Every day was a challenge because my knee had no flexibility do to the surgery. Yoga did an awesome job stretching my knee out and doing a modified version of Plyometrics really started to strengthen my knee.

After finishing my first round of P90X, I lost a total of 15 pounds and got ridiculously ripped. The recovery drink really seemed to help with the soreness of my knee and of course fueled me for my next workout! My next goal was to start bulking up and adding mass. I started modifying my diet to add more mass by reading the message boards on After completing my 4th round of P90X and starting my 5th, I have never been this close to the body of my dreams!

P90X means a lot more to me than just getting in shape. It has done a complete transformation of my body and my attitude. Finding time as a college student to “press play” everyday takes perseverance and discipline. Around Murray State University, I am known as the “P90X Guy” because it is seriously all I tend to talk about! Not only is working out and nutrition one of my biggest hobbies, but there is no better joy in life, than helping my friends and family get into better shape!”

– Steven


  1. wow! awesome results!

  2. Great job Steven. Particularly so soon after knee surgery. Is your results picture after your first round of P90x or 4th? Also, any idea of your finishing weight there? Again, great job.

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