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Taking Good P90X Photos!

CameraOne of the reasons you probably got to this site is because you saw my P90X photos (before and after) or videos floating around on the internet. I wanted to make sure I documented my P90X transformation from Day 1 so that I could show others what was indeed possible with P90X. After 90 days of complete dedication to both the diet and the workouts, my results were outstanding, and I wanted to make sure that I took great pictures that showed off my results.

If you’re just starting P90X or any other Beachbody program, you’re going to want to make sure you take P90X before and after pictures just as I did. Below are some great tips to make sure that you’re taking the proper P90X photos.

General Tips

(1) Make sure you take “before” pictures. Most people forget to take their “before” pics and then are ticked when they get outstanding results and have nothing to compare their “after” pics to. Take these before you work out on Day 1!

(2) Make sure you use the proper poses! What are the proper poses? Back with hands down, back with hand on hip, back while flexing arms, front with hands down, front with hands on hips, front flex, side with hands down. You can also mix it up a bit and do your own poses. Have fun with it!

(3) Take pictures every 15-30 days. The more pictures you have, the better!

Day 90 or “after” Picture Tips

(1) Make sure you use proper lighting. You want to make sure your light source is directly above you, casting shadows over your body to show off what you’ve accomplished!

(2) Get that muscle pump! The best time to take pictures is right after you work out because your muscles are bulging and your veins are popping out. If you don’t take them right after your workout, do some push-ups and pull-ups beforehand.

(3) Flex! Always flex for each of your “after” pics, and don’t be afraid to keep trying until you find a picture that really shows off what you’ve got. There are some times where I retake my pictures 4-5 times until I find one that looks best.

(4) Tan. You don’t want to look all pasty when you take your pictures! Go out and get some sun, or you can be like me, and head over to the tanning salon.

(5) Shave or Trim. If you’re one hairy dude, you’re going to want to make sure you shave it off or trim it up. If you look like you’re wearing a sweater when you don’t have you’re shirt on, then you need to make sure you trim or shave it so that people can see your results! If you have back hair, don’t even bother trimming it, just shave it off.

Remember, taking good P90X photos are very important so that you can show off your results to others! It’s especially important if you plan on becoming a coach. Take these tips and use them to take good P90X photos!

To learn more about P90X, click here!


  1. I agree with you on this Josh, I am a prime example of not taking the traditional posed Before and after pics. Tho I did take some pics before and after, I did not plan on being a coach to show others how great of a program it is and what it can do, Now that I am a coach I regret it, thats why I tell everyone to take those pics! On the whiteness lol Ima ginger kid and fake tans look ridiculously on me, lol

  2. Seth T. /

    Thanks man, I appreciate the tips.

  3. Seth T. /

    Oh umm….any tips on hair removal, haha! But seriously…

  4. @Seth. Haha I’m lucky to have no chest or back hair, so I really can’t help you with that one.

  5. Seth T. /

    Boy you lucked out! Haha. Thanks though.

  6. jstnthrguy /

    @Seth T.

    If Josh will allow me to help, here are a couple of good sights….. and These will help you get the answers you need in regards to hair removal. Good luck.

  7. Seth T. /

    HAIR REMOVAL UPDATE: First off, thanks jstnthrguy for those tips. It’s much appreciated. Second, I found it’s easier to just go to a day spa and spend the 30-50 bucks to my back professionally waxed, ha! Also, most day spas offer a lower maintenance fee for going in regularly. I hope this helps for those with similar questions.

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