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Taylor’s P90X Review

Taylor’s P90X Review

“My name is Taylor Payne and my P90X journey began in April of 2012. I was in good shape in high school due to an active and fairly healthy lifestyle. My first year of college, I played baseball and put on about 15 pounds of muscle. However, in my second year when I decided to transfer and not play anymore, all of the good weight I had worked so hard to obtain, quickly went to fat. For me it was the sophomore 15 and I was not happy with the lack of nutrition and working out in my life. Then, I heard a few friends talk about how awesome P90X was. I continued to research the program and saw multiple ads and commercials for it. However, what got me hooked was the transformation videos on YouTube. After watching Josh Spencer’s P90X video on YouTube, I immediately bought P90X and never looked back.

The fat seemed to melt off in the first month due in large part to Shakeology. In the second and third months, I started to build serious lean muscle!I followed the portion plan exactly, did not cheat one single time, and did every workout for 90 days straight. My results were AMAZING! I lost a total of 35 pounds, 5 inches on my waist, and lost 9% body fat! Also, I was placed in a Facebook support group by Josh and they helped me stay accountable and pushed me to get the best results possible. I can attribute a ton of my success to them and Josh for helping me push play along the way. I have now completely changed my nutrition, workouts are second nature, and I am in the best shape of my life because of the program. I am currently doing a P90X/Insanity Hybrid and love every minute of it.”

– Taylor

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