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Ted’s P90X Review

Ted’s P90X Review

“I’m enthusiastic about P90x because what it has done for me. It has become the cornerstone of how I conduct my exercise and nutrition. In a matter of 3 months, this is what happened to my physique. (see video below)

Naturally, I tell alot of people about it, and so often I get asked, ‘does it really work?’ This humors me! It’s crazy how programmed people have become to expect some kind of miracle pill when it comes to losing weight. They’ve all forgotten how effective exercising and eating right can be! P90x is exercising and eating right, of course it works! And here’s a secret… it works better than just dieting!


Why do diets fail when it comes to getting weight of and keeping it off? A diet is based around depriving the body of something… in most cases, calories, in more extreme cases, it’s some weird food, like only eating grapefruit or something. What do we tell our bodies when we deprive it of nutrients. SLOW DOWN, THIS IS ALL THERE IS. The body is an incredibly versatile machine that can adapt to so many conditions. One of them being lower amounts of food. What does it do when given fewer calories? It BURNS LESS CALORIES. The bodies BMR, basal metabolic rate, comes to a slow crawl. The weight might come off, but then what? You go back to how you used to eat, with a nice and slow BMR, and bam, those fat stores just start filling back up.

Exercise with diet combats this. Exercise revs the engine. Gets the BMR MOVING, and this is what p90x does. A very common first reaction to the program for most people is the amount of food they have to eat. How could I possibly lose weight with this much food?!? That’s part of why it works. The combo of exercise plus eating lots of healthy food is like a 1-2 punch to the BMR, making it get off it’s ass and GET MOVING. Your body has no choice but to change it’s BMR because in order to survive this craziness it’s going through, it MUST become more efficient. More efficient = better body composition = lighter, faster, stronger. FIT

P90x contains 12 workouts. 5 resistance workouts, 3 cardio workouts, 1 core workout, 1 yoga workout, 1 stretch routine, and 1 ab workout. Buy rotating the resistance workouts from phase to phase, the muscles are kept guessing, thus the term ‘muscle confusion,’ preventing plateau, and pushing the body to continually adapt. Adaptation = change = efficiency = a better shaped and healthier body. Most exercise programs rely on the same routine, repeated and repeated. And as stated before, the body is an amazingly adaptive machine. IT will do everything it can to make the job it has to do easier. That’s why the results stop coming after so much of doing the same thing. P90x defies this.

There is plenty of proof out there that it works, but I brought some right here for you to take a gander at.”

– Ted

Ted is a coach on Team Next Level and is helping others through P90X by providing support, encouragement, and answering any questions that they might have. If you would like to have Ted as your coach click here! To learn more about Ted, check out his site

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