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The New P90X One on One

p90x one on oneYou may have seen from one of my earlier posts that the Tony Horton One on One program is now going to be known as P90X One on One. I was a subscriber to the old One on One series and absolutely loved it! If you haven’t seen my One on One Reviews yet, make sure you do. You can find them in the “Workouts” section of this site.

One of my favorite cardio workouts that I do quite often is One on One Cardio Intervals, and it involves some unique twists to some of the moves that you have done before in Plyometrics, Kenpo, Interval X Plus, and even Kenpo Cardio Plus. This workout really gets your heart going and you can burn quite a few calories! Another one of my favorites is Core Ball Sandwich, which absolutely tears up your entire core! You do some crazy exercises with a balance ball, and to be honest, you will feel this workout in your entire body, not just in your core.

The P90X One on One series is awesome and is a great program for anyone already in great shape or has already completed P90X or Insanity. See the video below.

If you’re interested in learning more about P90X One on One, click here!

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