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The REAL 1st Day of P90X

All of you know that I started P90X again last week, but only made it through half of the first few workouts because of pain in my hand, so I decided to restart the program yesterday and completely dedicate myself this time. My hand is feeling good enough at this point to where I can live with the soreness long enough to complete each workout. Melinda, my fiance, began the program with me too, and we went through Chest & Back and ARX. Wow I had forgotten how tough that entire workout is!

Because of the 2 days of push-ups I did last week (I added another to develop my chest a little quicker), I had a much easier time with the push-ups yesterday, and was able to make it through the 2nd half of the workout without sacrificing too much in reps. However, I am still WAY below my rep range pre-injury, and it’s going to take me a good month or longer to get anywhere close to where I was. I could literally do 75-80 regular push-ups before the injury, but now I’m right around 40, which to me is sad. However, I understand and don’t get down on myself, but just keep pushing myself to continue making progress. I made some progress in pull-ups from last week as well, starting out with 12 wide grips during the first half and then about 8 during the second half. Again, it’s nowhere close to the 18-22 I used to do, but I will get back there soon. All-in-all, I felt I really pushed myself and got in a great workout.

Melinda also did very well with the workout as well. She is not able to do regular push-ups or pull-ups yet, so she uses her knees for the push-ups and chair for the pull-ups, which is fine. There are many people that have to do this when starting out, and there is no reason to be embarrassed. However, it’s very important that you make progress each week and try the unassisted before you move to the assisted. The more resistance, the more results you will notice, so the quicker you move to unassisted, the better. She, like me, felt nauseated during the workout, but continued to push herself to complete the entire thing. I was very proud of how hard she pushed herself!

We both have not done Ab Ripper X in quite a while and completely forgot about how tough it can be. With both of us not in the shape we used to be in, it was like doing the workout for the first time. We both had to take a few breaks, but tried our best to complete all the reps, which is all you can ask. Remember, it’s very important to complete the entire workout, even if you have to pause it 20 times! The toughest exercise for me was by far the Hip Rock-N-Raise, which kicked my rear. I mean I seriously had a hard time with those! I’m very anxious to get my abs back to where they were before!

Today we both are EXTREMELY sore pretty much everwhere, including the chest, shoulders, tris, abs, legs, and hips. I had to work today lifting heavy objects and it felt great. We both also have been eating very, very healthy and will continue to do so during the duration of the 90 days (and longer of course). We just got done with Plyometrics, but that will be another blog post!

Oh and here are my “before” measurements: (1) Chest: 39 inches, (2) Biceps: 14.5 inches, (3) Waist: 32.5 inches, (4) Quads: 20 inches, (5) Calf: 15 inches. These are WAY below where I was 2 months ago. I was close to 43 inches in my chest, 16 inch biceps, and right around a 31.5 in. waist.


  1. Sounds like you had a tough time, Coach. For some reason, hip rock-n-raise is kinda the easiest for me, while the one I can never do %100 without stopping is definitely fifer scissors. Good luck with the rest of your workouts.

  2. Shams /

    Good for you two. I just started my round 2 of p90x (didn’t really finish round 1…had to stop after week 9 b/c of school)…either way i had forgotten how hard the first week can be and just like you two i pushed it through and completed it. I did arms and shoulders, abx was extremely tired and sore today. This time i am completely following the meal plan including not drinking alcohol which i really didnt follow during round 1…just fyi i actually put up a picture of leonidas from 300 on my wall to keep me motivated – i want to have at least the v shape by halloween and six pack cut, not built. Also below is the meal plan i developed for myself from phase 1…can you comment? Also you recommend taking casein before going to bed? Thanks.

    Breakfast: 7 am

    1/3rd cup protein powder
    8 oz skim milk
    1 tbsp flaxseed
    1 banana

    Snack: 9:30 am

    1 tbsp peanut butter w/ 2 slices of wheat bread

    Lunch: Noon

    2 cups vegetable soup
    3 oz chicken breast

    Snack: 2:30 pm

    1/3rd cup protein powder
    8 oz water
    1 oz almonds


    Dinner: 6pm

    6 egg white omelet w/ 1 cup veggies
    1 8oz V8/water
    1 8oz yogurt

    Snack: 8pm

    1/3rd cup protein powder
    8 oz water

  3. Diet looks good, but you need to make sure you log that into to keep track of the amount of calories and % of fat/carbs/protein. Remember, during Phase 1 it’s 20/30/50. Also, casein protein is good to take before bed if you’re looking to put on some mass, but not necessary if you’re looking to lose weight and body fat.

  4. how many push-ups and pull-ups could you do, and how heavy were the weights you used for curls when you very first started P90x?

  5. I was able to do about 30 push-ups and 5 wide grip pull-ups when I first started. Also, I used 30’s when I first started.

  6. I have another question about the dumbells. I have ordered P90X and am just waiting for it to ship. I weigh 235 pounds and am fairly strong. I can curl 25 lb dumbells at the gym about 25 times on each arm. Since this workout will be at my house I am stumped on what weight dumbell to buy…

    Should I go low and get 15’s for maximum reps, or should I go ahead and get 25’s or even 30’s?

    Thanx alot and nice results.

  7. I wanted to add to my last post…

    I can do about 25-30 push-ups and only about 2 pull-ups max. (sad, I know) I will greatly appreciate your input.

    Thanx again.

  8. Did you order P90X from this site? If you can do 25 reps on each arm with 25’s, then you will need at least 30s, 35s, or 40s for curls. When I started, I used a range from 10lbs to 60lbs.

  9. If you didn’t purchase P90X from this site, you can click on this link to make me your coach:

  10. I ordered P90X from their original website. I think I am going to get 30’s and then buy another pair if it is needed later on throughout the program.

    Thankyou for your input and I will make you my coach…I haven’t said coach in about 5 years. Lol!

  11. I’m on a tight budget in college, so I can only afford one pair of dumbells right now. Maybe I’ll stop buying soo much beer and really hunker down and do this. Then I will be able to afford more dumbells…haha

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