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UNREAL P90X Success Story!

Name: Nate Evans

Program: P90X


Nate’s P90X Success Story

“Hello! My name is Nathan Evans. I’m 32 years old, and in by far the best shape of my life, thanks to P90X, and a healthy eating plan! I grew up playing sports in school, and was always in good shape, I ate whatever I wanted, and it didn’t seem to hurt me at all. I got married, got a desk job, got a kid, and slowly got FAT! I had reached 253 lbs, at 6’2″. I always hated that I wasn’t in shape, but never made the commitment to do the hard work to change it. Then I tore up my knee and had to go in and get surgery. They removed half my meniscus, and said there was a bone chip floating in there, and my ACL had a tear in it also. But they didn’t fix them. In my mind, that was just another excuse or justification for the shape my body was in. I stayed heavy for years. I would do a little diet here and there and drop some weight, but it always came back. I had decided I wanted to be in shape, but hadn’t committed to it. In April of 2010, I made that commitment finally. I started the P90X program, and developed a healthy and lean eating plan. Three months later I had dropped from 253 to 180! Friends I hadn’t seen in a while didn’t recognize me when I would walk in a room. I was back to my weight that I was in High School! The best thing about my commitment is that even though I had completed the workout plan, my commitment had turned into a habit. I have maintained the weight loss for over a year now. That decision was committed to, and the only place it could take me was to success. And it will work for you too!”

– Nate









  1. I love Nate’s story. This wasn’t a 90 day journey. It wasn’t even 120 days. The dude worked hard for over a year and KILLED it.

  2. Amazing transformation! Congratulations!

    Josh, please, please, make note that 70+ pounds in 3 months is not necessarily the recommended healthy rate of weight loss!

    Many people will lose a lot of muscle and organ mass during this if they proceed to lose that quickly. This is not to take away from his results, amazing transformation!

    Dan Giuglianotti, D.O.
    Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach
    Professional Kitesurfer

  3. Hey Nate,

    Way to take control of your life.
    Way to Bring it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks Guys! Still working on it, and still maintaining the 70 lb loss! Body fat is now down to 6-7% on a weekly basis, and getting healthier and stronger every day!

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