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What P90X Version?

As most of you know, there are 3 versions of P90X: Classic, Lean, and Doubles. I have found that the Classic is most popular for men, the Lean for women, and Doubles for those crazy people who want to get ripped super fast! When I was going through my first round, I followed the Classic version for the first 2 phases, and then switched to Doubles for the last phase in order to lose that last bit of fat quickly. I wanted to shock the world with my results, and I feel that I did that! So which version of P90X should you start out with?

Believe it or not, I recommend the P90X Classic version for everyone, including women, because there is a balance of both cardio and resistance training. The one important thing that I have learned over the years is that doing cardio every day will only take you so far, and you will eventually plateau and get discouraged because you don’t see any more results. Women tend to fear getting bulky, but the one thing that they have to understand is that they don’t produce testosterone like men do, which makes it harder for them to develop muscle. So if you’re a woman and starting P90X, no need to worried about looking like a man! The resistance workouts that you will be doing allows you to build and tone muscle, which also speeds up your metabolism, helping you burn more fat throughout the day. If you want to get into excellent shape, the Classic version is the one I recommend that you follow.

What about Doubles? Like I said above, Doubles is for us crazy people who can’t work out enough during the day! For those of you who don’t know what Doubles is, it’s just like it sounds. You will do a cardio workout (Cardio X) each day that you do a resistance workout. The reason I waited to start the P90X Doubles version until the last phase was because I wasn’t in good enough shape when I first started, and I would have quickly overtrained. Doubles is VERY demanding on the body, and takes some knowledge of nutrition to know how not to over-do-it. It also takes unbelievable commitment and dedication to complete Doubles!

The P90X Lean version will only take you so far because it’s mostly cardio workouts, and doesn’t involve much resistance. For example, if you’re looking for toned, sexy arms, then you will need to do some resistance training with your arms along with the cardio, and that’s why I recommend the Classic to everyone.

Interested in P90X? Click the picture below to learn more!

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  1. Roberto /

    Si hablas español y tienes dudas sobre P90X, Coaching, Nutricion, Ejercicios etc.. puedes comunicarte conmigo al siguiente email;
    (Josh’s Coach Team Member)

  2. Marc /

    Hey Josh,

    In the first 30 days of P90x I lost 17 pounds, but from day 30 until now (day 47 or so) I have lost minor weight, at most 4 or 5 pounds. I am getting very discouraged by the plateau and was wondering what you suggest to snap out of it. I am planning on giving doubles a shot after next week (recovery week).


  3. Josh /

    When you progress through the program, the weight loss slows drastically because you’re at a lower body fat % and building a lot of muscle. You shouldn’t get discouraged at all! You need to go by how you feel, what you see in the mirror, and inches lost. Don’t even look at the scale!

  4. Rudy /

    Hey Josh I wanted to know since I can’t do a single push up or pull up if I should do the lean version of p90x

  5. Josh /

    I still think you should do the Classic version because you need to build those muscles. Do the modified versions for each exercise.

  6. Rudy /

    Alright man thanks i will do that but should I just finish my week of the lean version than just start over from week one again but then again I’m only on day 3 so what should I do

  7. Josh /

    Start over using the Classic version!

  8. Rudy /

    Ok thanks man you were a lot of help

  9. Hi Josh, Im currently on p90x week day 16. So far, I haven’t really seen changes on the scale although I feel much stronger and fitter, breaking personal best records each exercise, and visually I’m starting to see more definition. I’m consuming 2507 calories daily ( 43% protein, 27% fat, 30 % carb according to
    I’m mighty tempted on switching to P90X doubles once i go through week 4.
    My question is, due to my work and school schedules I feel the need to modify the routines, what are the repercussions to switching the cardio to a PM work out rather than AM work out ?
    would it be alright to do cardio x and then followed by resistance training immediately ?

    Thanks josh!

  10. @Rene. It doesn’t matter when you work out, just as long as you get the workout in. Also, I used to do the resistance workouts and then a cardio workout afterwards. Really, it’s up to you.

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