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What To Do After P90X

josh spencer after p90xPeople are coming up to me all the time and asking what to do after P90X. Some even decide that one round is enough. I find it kind of funny that some people think they can complete 90 days of an intense workout and diet program like P90X and then want to go back to their old lifestyle. It doesn’t work that way people! You might have gotten into great shape, but I can guarantee you that you will return to your pre-P90X form if you don’t continue a healthy lifestyle. You all must understand that P90X is not just a 90 day program, but a complete lifestyle change! Don’t you want to be healthy for the rest of your life? So what should you do after P90X? There are a number of options.

When I finished my first round of P90X, I decided to shift goals from losing weight and body fat to gaining some mass. I wanted to change things up a little too, so I decided to purchase P90X Plus and mix it together with the P90X Classic program. What I did was use the cardio workouts from the Plus and mix it in with the resistance workouts from the Classic, along with some major adjustments to my diet and supplements. The P90X Plus cardio workouts are HIIT, which helps you burn more calories and fat rather than muscle. After about 5 months of doing this, I ended up gaining about 15lbs.

However, some people still want to lose more weight/body fat, and in this case I recommend a program like Insanity. From different Insanity Reviews, it is a very high intensity program that uses Max Interval Training to help you burn a ton of calories and lose fat fast. It’s much more intense than P90X, and also doesn’t require all the equipment the X does either. You only use your own body weight for the resistance workouts, which is beneficial if you don’t have all the equipment or travel a lot.  This program is so intense that I’ve heard of people burning up to 1,000 calories per workout! This is one program that you could do after you complete P90X if you’re looking to lose more weight and body fat.

Another option is a program that I have been doing recently, and that’s Tony Horton’s One on One workouts. It is a workout that Tony does each month from his own house, and it’s almost like you’re working “one on one” with Tony! One workout is delivered to your door each month, and each workout focuses on a different routine. My favorite is one called Cardio Intervals, which is by far the toughest cardio that I do. There isn’t one time that my shirt isn’t completely drenched afterwards!

So, what to do after P90X? Whatever you decide,  it’s very important that you continue working out and living a healthy lifestyle. You can either do another round of P90X or purchase other programs like Insanity and One on One. Just don’t allow yourself to fall back into your unhealthy ways!

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  1. Question about Tony’s One on One. I know there is a 19.99USD price tag on it. It’s delivered every month. So it is 19.99USD every month or one time for the year?

  2. Yeah, it’s $19.99 each month.

  3. do you still get good results with a second round of p90x

  4. Yes, you will still continue to see results, just as long as you make a few adjustments to your diet and workouts.

  5. what is your current workout schedule?

  6. It’s a mix of P90X, P90X Plus, and One on One, along with some heavy resistance training as well.

  7. Hey coach,
    I see that to gain the 15lbs that you did, you combined p90x and p90x Plus. I finished p90x and am ready to BRING IT to the next level to gain mass. Could you show me how you combined them?


  8. I just did the P90X Plus cardios with the P90X Classic resistance workouts.

  9. is it ok to just keep doing p90x round after round or will you loose results by doing so. or will you just stay the same. thanks

  10. You can continue to do P90X, which is what I’ve been doing for two years. You can make me your coach by clicking on this link:

  11. Max /

    hey sick results man,
    i wanted to ask you, if im done p90x and i start another round of it and i keep all the same cardio workouts like plyo and kenpo will i lose more mass that if i would combine the cardio workouts from p90x plus with the resitance workouts or will it be about the same. What intensity are the p90xplus cardio workouts compaired to the classic p90x workouts like plyo and kenpo?

  12. Josh /

    Thanks bro! OK, I actually recommend increasing the intensity levels of the cardios since you have already gone through a round of P90X. You can do so by using the P90X Plus or Insanity cardio workouts. Also, have you made me your coach yet? If not, you can do so by clicking on this link:

  13. john /

    hello josh, im interested in doing this p90x work out but i dont no if its the right thing for me? I am 5’10 135lbs i work anywhere from 8-12 hour days mon-fri and sometimes weekends (my work is a fairly hard labour job so im always working a shovel or lifting/carrying equipment/cable). I want to put on muscle and gain some weight is p90x the right program for me?

  14. Josh /

    John, P90X is an excellent program no matter if your goal is to gain or lose weight. You can actually find out what I did to gain mass with P90X in the “Workouts” section of this site. Also, if you purchase P90X here, I will become your coach and be here to help you through the program and answer any questions you might have.

  15. hi im kolby
    i just wanted to clarify some things
    when i finish the p90x workout will i have to keep working out to maintain how my body looks now?
    if i dont continue working out will my muscles dissapear and i get weaker?
    can i do the same routine after 90 days?
    do i just increase the weights but same excercises?

    please reply, much appreciated

  16. @Kolby. Why? Do you want to stop working out when you reach your goals? Doesn’t make much sense to me! You’re going to find that this is going to become a lifestyle change for you, and working out will become part of your routine.

    Also, you can go through another round of P90X, but make some adjustments to the diet and workouts slightly depending on your goals. You can use heaver weights and lower reps, for example, if you’re looking to add on some size.

    Have you made me your coach yet? If not, I’m a Beachbody Coach and help support people through the program. You can make me your coach by going to this link:

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