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Will P90X Develop My Legs?

“Will I develop my legs with P90X?” This is actually a question that I get quite often. In most of the success stories that you see on either YouTube, my site, or the main Beachbody site, the focus is on the upper body. However, just because the focus is on that area doesn’t mean the lower body is getting ignored in the workouts. That’s FAR from the truth! Legs & Back is the best legs workout I’ve done!

My Legs & Back review: This is the workout that will give your legs a beatdown! The one area that I never spent to much time on developing in the past was my legs, and it wasn’t until I started P90X that I began developing my legs. First of all, let me explain that I’ve been doing P90X for well over a year and a half, and my legs still get sore after each time I do this workout. This confuses the heck out of me because I never experience this kind of soreness with any other part of the body, but it happens. Even though I neglected to take pictures of my legs, which I wish I would have, I can tell you that I have seen some drastic changes! For one, I now have veins in my quads and calves, just like I do in my arms and chest. Am I’m not the one to brag, but my calves have gotten HUGE! I’m going to take a picture soon and post it on my site so you all can see what I’m talking about.

The workout consists of many different lunges using free weights, along with other exercises that focus on other areas, like your butt. The great thing about these lunges is that they are very unique, and focus on different muscles in the leg with each exercise. The toughest one for me is right in the beginning where you will put one leg on a chair and do single leg lunges with dumbbells. I hate (but love) this exercise because after I’m done my legs are spent, and they shake for the remainder of the workout, which is another 45 minutes long! One of the last exercises is the calf raises, and if you don’t feel an extreme burn here, then you are doing something wrong! I mean these things really burn! Oh and be ready to sweat. I’m not kidding, you will sweat just as much with this workout as you do Plyos! You feel completely exhausted afterwards! Just be ready to walk funny for the next 3-4 days because your legs will hurt like hell!

So for all of you that are worried that P90X won’t develop your legs, put your mind at ease because I can assure you that you will get results in your legs as you will everywhere else!

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  1. Do you do anything like squats, leg presses or leg curls or just strictly the P90x leg workout?

  2. I have been adding in exercises like those into my routine lately.

  3. David /

    Hey i have a question,

    we got p90x a few weeks ago, and my family and i haven’t really committed to it. The reason being is school work and jobs and a whole bunch of other things. I think I am about to completely start committing to it but I wanted to know, if I don’t strictly stay to its diet plan, and instead do an as healthy and protein full diet plan, will i get less results? does the diet plan really help that much if you eat healthy anyways? I could always just add protein. Which brings me to another question, will protein powder really help me alot if I take it? Which protein powder is the best in your opinion (i’ve seen 100% whey gold standard refered to as the best)? Lastly, does p90x really shred your calves?
    Sorry for all the questions, i just am really curious.


  4. Josh /

    You might get results, but the Nutrition Guide was designed by a professional and works perfectly with the P90X workouts. If you want excellent results, you need to follow the entire program how it’s set up. Also, whey protein is a very important supplement for muscle recovery, and you need to make sure you take it. 100% Gold Whey is a good product. You need to look into the Recovery Formula for post workout recovery as well, which you can learn more about on this site. And yes, P90X does shred your calves! I now have veins poppin’ all over the place in my calves!

    Have you made me your coach yet? If not, you can do so by clicking on this link:

  5. I’m a big fan of exercises like deadlifts and front squats, and I’m worried that by not doing these exercises in P90X, the strength and muscles I’ve worked so hard to build will disappear. Is there any way to incorporate these into the P90X Legs & Back workout?

  6. @Jay. You can incorporate those exercises into the routine. Just add them in on the day focused on that muscle group.

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