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Laura’s P90X2 Review

P90X2 Review

Here’s a P90X2 review from one of the people I coach, Laura! She has TORE UP the program!

Laura’s P90X2 Review

“First, I’ll offer a little background. I’m a 33 (almost 34) year old mother of three (ages 6, 4, and 20 months). I first stumbled upon P90X about three years ago. I did one round of P90X lean with great results. I loved the program! After my 90 days I found out I was pregnant with my third child so I gave up my extreme fitness for activities more well suited to a pregnant body. Fast forward to this past Christmas where I found myself eating too much junk food and my self made fitness routine wasn’t getting the job done. I was so excited to find P90X2!!! I asked for it for Christmas and started the program on Dec. 27.

I use weights (5lb and 10lb), a pull up bar, a balance ball, and a foam roller for my workouts. I have yet to get medicine balls, but that, along with heavier weights, are on my list. At first I was skeptical of the foam roller but after using it for a while I find that it makes a huge difference. I notice it especially in my hips and IT band area where I have issues from the past. I also get a nice release in my shoulders and lats where I didn’t even know I had issues.

I use the nutrition plan as a guide for servings and meal ideas. I have changed my family over to whole foods only. Processed foods are a thing of the past. There is no white flour, white sugar, or other junk foods. I never thought about diet being so predictive of the results I would get until my coach, Josh Spencer, mentioned that it is a MAJOR factor in your outcome. He was right.

P90X2 and P90X are very different animals. P90X2 fits my lifestyle a little better simply because I don’t have to spend quite as much time on it to get great results. The workouts are slightly shorter, especially yoga, which makes it much easier to get them in while juggling the rest of my life. You also workout 5 days a week instead of 6. I love how your whole body is involved in all the workouts. It makes a huge difference to listen to the instructions and be mindful of what you need to be contracting and how your body should be moving. If you just kind of do it you probably won’t feel like you are getting anywhere…so listen and tighten up! I enjoyed all three phases of the program.

I finished my 90 days 10 pounds lighter (2 pounds under my goal weight) with my muffin tops gone, nice toned abs, and some great arms. I’m now three workouts into round 2.”

– Laura

As Laura said, P90X2 is a GREAT program that will test your ability to push yourself! If you’re interested in P90X2, feel free to email me at If you are going through any Beachbody program and want some additional support and encouragement, you can make me your coach by clicking here! And if you want to read more P90X2 Reviews, just click on the link!

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