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P90X 2 Update

For those of you who don’t know, I have been selected to be a part of the cast of the new P90X 2, or P90X:MC2 as others call it, that will be coming out towards the end of this year. Monday I flew out to L.A. for our first P90X 2 rehearsal, and I have to fly back out next week for the actually shooting. I’m in the new Shoulders and Arms video with Tony Horton and 2 other people, Monica, a coach on my team, and Jason Scheff, the lead singer from Chicago. Jason has been using P90X for quite a while now and has lost a significant amount of weight, and Monica is just plain ripped!

When you think of sequels that come out for movies, usually the 2nd one never lives up to the first. I can assure you that this won’t be the case for P90X 2! This home workout program is legitimate, and even though I can’t go into detail about any of the exercises, you guys are in for one hell of a program! I mean this thing is very advanced and I can assure you that there is nothing out there like it on the market today. In fact, there is nothing even remotely close! The amount of effort that is going into production of P90X 2 is unbelievable, and all I can say is that I can’t wait for the entire program to be released so that I can go through it. I did the Shoulders & Arms workout 2 days ago, and I’m sore in areas that I never thought I could be sore in! Be ready for the most advanced home workout system to ever hit the markets!

To stay updated on all the latest news about P90X 2 (P90X:MC2), you can make me your coach by clicking here!


  1. Jason /


    Do u think it’s more intense then Insanity



  2. Josh /

    @Jason. It’s a different kind of intense because it has resistance training along with cardio.

  3. JonnyQball79 /

    Good for you man. So how much different is it compared to P90X? Is it worth having to spend more money?

  4. Josh /

    @Jonny. Yes, definitely worth going out and purchasing it when it’s released. Like I said, it’s the most advanced program that I have tried!

  5. Travis /

    Josh, I’m halfway through my first round of p90x and I’m hoping to go into Insanity soon after that. Will I have time to complete that before MC2 comes out? Because I’d rather have more resistance training then the cardio from Insanity honestly.

  6. @Travis. You should have time to complete all that before P90X 2 comes out. They are saying it will be out this fall.

  7. Patrick /

    Hey Josh. Are the workouts in line with Tony’s One On One:MC2? I’m still going to buy the new P90X because I’m hooked. And what about Blu-Ray? Wouldn’t mind some sweat in HD!

  8. Josh /

    @Patrick. Sort of. There is a ton of new stuff as well. Not sure about the Blu-Ray, but that would be awesome!

  9. Travis /

    Josh what equipment will be necessary? I just a trailer for it on a and looks like that use a box, workout ball, weight bar, medicine balls, etc. Is all this required or will they show you alternate ways like they did in the first P90X?

  10. Josh /

    @Travis. There will probably be some alternatives, but you will need a lot of that equipment.

  11. Travis /

    Is beachbody going to offer sone sort of package with a lot of that in it? Also I am on week 12 of p90 and I was going to do another round of p90 will I have time to finish that 2nd round before p90x2 comes out?

  12. Josh /

    @Travis. I’m sure they are, but I don’t know exactly what kind of package it will be. The program isn’t supposed to come out until December, so you should have some time to get in another round of P90X.

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